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Submission + - '$100 laptop' to be sold to public

GiantHaystacks writes: The BBC reports that the XO '$100 laptop' is to be sold to the American public in November. The laptop in question is a waterproof machine which can be powered by solar, foot-pump or pull-string chargers. It will be sold under a scheme called G1G1, or "Get 1 Give 1". For $399 an American consumer will be able to buy two of the laptops, with one being sent to them and the other being donated to a needy child in the Third World. But don't blink, because the program will only be open for 2 weeks.

Submission + - Telcos 700 mhz Fibbing

bricko writes: "Rich Lindner, AT&T CFO, confirmed to Wall Street that they don't need more spectrum. To anyone who understands both technology and policy, this is a devastating blow to the telco arguments on the 700 MHz spectrum auction. If they don't need the spectrum, then the only reason they would bid to because they want to block competition in wireless, and and will get the money right back in higher mobile prices. http://www.isp-planet.com/cplanet/tech/2007/prime_letter_070730.html"

Submission + - Library starts e-lending of music

matsuva writes: "Hi, I live in Ghent, Belgium, the music department of our local library will soon be starting with an e-lending project. All library members will be able to download 100 songs per week free of any charge whatsoever, these songs autodestruct after a week. The online collection will consist of 7000 cd's (mainly folk, classic and jazz), participating record labels are Challenge, Chesky, Naxos, ECM, Pentatone, Dox, Music & Words en Harmonia Mundi France. This is a link in dutch to their site: http://www.gent.be/eCache/THE/46/038.cmVjPTEzMzM1OA.html Subscribers to the software will need to download "Digileen" software."

Submission + - Creative Labs release x-fi beta driver for linux

An anonymous reader writes: After years of waiting Creative Labs releases linux beta driver for X-FI audio cards. Some important notes are that the drivers are proprietary to Creative, only support 64-bit (at the moment) and cannot compile using gcc4 or higher. Has anybody been able to successfully install them? While browsing the web I can't help but notice that the installation process has it's problems (here, here, and here) and I have yet to discover success stories.
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - The True Story of The Atari Landfill

jogden writes: The Atari Landfill is an (now confirmed) urban legend detailing the dumping of millions of unsold Atari games in a landfill of New Mexico. The article is a research piece proving the legend. FTA: "As insignificant as this event may have seemed to the people of Alamogordo, it is of major significance to an entire generation of gamers and game companies. Most people and professionals have little idea this event even took place, but it changed an entire market."

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