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Comment Learning Algebra (Score 1) 1010

I am terrible at math. I use it constantly. I "get it" that algebra can use some values to find unknown values. I "get it" that geometry can be useful to find square footage. I failed 2nd year algebra/calculus twice before I got a passing grade in college. This cut me right off in fields I was interested in, such as "fighter pilot", "astronaut" "spy-satellite photo-interpreter" and so on. Now I work as a photographer, and I use ratios, square footage, the inverse square law, and many of the things I had trouble with in math in college, I can use the "calculator" function in Google... have you seen that lately btw? I would have loved to work on spy sat photos for the CIA but instead I shoot photos of sexy women. dammit.

Comment White roofs work (Score 1) 722

I painted my 3000 square foot roof white for 15 years (every 2-3 years) and I measured the ceiling with an infrared thermometer. The roof was my ceiling, about six inches thick. The temp dropped about 15f and was absolutely worth the trouble. Two problems: 1: Asphalt shingles soak up paint fast. 2: It has to be repainted in 3-4 years. tl:dr white roofs work.

Comment They turn off the DVR !! (Score 1) 181

Well I'm a little low on cash this month, and DTV turned off my service ... no biggie, I'll turn it back on soon.... EXCEPT! I paid $$$ to fill up my DVR with programs, and I tried to watch them. DTV turns off the DVR too when the bill is delinquent! If I had recorded all those programs on my computer or VCR, I would still be able to see them!

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