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Submission + - Walmart.com Price Glitch Sets Prices at $10.99 and $369.99

kbob88 writes: Walmart.com discounted hundreds of items late last night by up to 90% off, in an apparent pricing glitch. The glitch lasted until this morning, when the site went down for maintenance. It's not clear whether Walmart will honor purchases made at these prices, but some people have reported successfully purchasing online and picking up at local stores this morning. Was the site hacked, or did some poor IT slob forget to properly constrain an update query? Walmart isn't telling for now.

Comment Microsoft interviews have changed (Score 4, Informative) 215

Well, that was a fairly lame article...

Anyway, I interviewed with Microsoft back in 1989 or 1990, and it appears that things have changed since then. Back then, they definitely were more focused on technical questions. I don't remember anyone asking anything about customers or business or communications. It was all technology, with a bit of design thrown in. The position wasn't even a hard-core programming job. Since I was a few years out of college, the customer/business/communications questions would have been nice, since I would probably would have been better positioned to answer those than the college seniors, as my then current job had me working with customers a lot. Their recruiting group was horribly disorganized back then also -- they switched recruiters and the job at the last minute, so no one (myself, the recruiter, the interviewers) was properly prepared. I suppose they've probably fixed that since then... One of the weirdest things was the "cult of Bill" -- whenever you asked a question, the answer seemed to always be prefaced with something like, "Well, Bill thinks that..." Even questions that had nothing to do with technology or Microsoft, like "what do people in Redmond do for fun?" "Well, Bill thinks that being fit and active helps the brain, so a lot of us like to mountain bike..."

Comment No problem... (Score 1) 219

They can take my encrypted files and index, reproduce, modify, publish, etc them to their heart's content! I really look forward to seeing derivative works created from my gpg-encrypted files! Similarly, I can't wait to browse to web pages publicly displaying the contents of someone else's 700MB encrypted file; reading that will be a great cure for insomnia!

But more seriously, I can see Google wanting to have some capabilities for their ad/marketing businesses, but some of these (create derivative works, modify, publish, publicly display?) are really unnecessary. Looks like the product manager forgot to review the ToS after the lawyers were done with it. Oops.

Comment Re:Nasty stuff (Score 1) 195

Yeah, I've used it for a few trips, and it does make you have really weird, bizarre dreams. Crazy stuff. I'm not sure I would go back on it. I didn't go psychotic or anything, but I'm a pretty even-keeled person. Anything that affects your brain that much could definitely have bigger consequences for someone who's a bit unstable to begin with.

Comment Re:Sure, I'll give you that FB password... (Score 4, Funny) 504

I imagine your usage of that password will be just as ethical as theirs, too. So yeah, fair trade.

Oh, completely ethical! Trust me! I just want to validate you all are a company that I want to be part of. As part of that analysis, I'll be poking around your servers to ensure that you have the proper security, logging, and auditing set up correctly. And review your financial and accounting software. And I want to make sure that you're friends with the right sort of other companies, and that you're not posting any inappropriate or obscene files on your servers, of course. Don't want to join a company and later have it blow up in a security or financial scandal. I mean really, I can't afford to have my reputation tarnished by being associated with *that* kind of company, can I?

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