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Comment Re:Teased, burned (Score 1) 85

Some definition of date/time fields this exists, but is not supported in all browsers, for example Firefox. And the this stuff is just to limited to be actually usuable in real life. And if you have a working example of integer field which works in all browser, I would be very interested to actally see that.

Comment Re:Teased, burned (Score 2) 85

Yes it is unbelieve that standard input fields are currently not available. What I would like to see as standard input fields on the web.

1) Date field where you can specify how the date is displayed to the user and how the date field is actually sent to the server.
2) Time field with same option as the date field.
3) Timestamp field with date time.
4) Date range field.
5) Integer number field with max min values but not with incremental buttons, and that display only number input on mobile.
6) Currency field with specified currency and max min values.
7) Country selector field with flag display that submits country code.
8) Credit card number field, max min size and with optional LUHN check before submit.
9) Phone number field with country selector.
10) Email field with validation
11) Simple HTML editor field with simple formatting like bold, italics, numbered lists e.t.c
12) Image attachment field. Where you can select an image on your hard disk and it displays as an image in the browser before you submit.
13) Video attachment field. Where you can select a video on your hard disk and it displays as a video in the browser before you submit.
14) Audio attachment field. Where you can select an audio on your hard disk and it displays as audio in the browser before you submit.
15) Simple table editor field. Where you can specify the table data as input in CSV and the result as are sent as CSV.

All of these input fields are possible today but with a lot of kludges and hacking and very specific custom HTML. As it is now everybody in the world has to implement all of these types again and again.

Comment As usual (Score 1) 259

All my lifetime there have been news every few years about how this company or that is just about to find a cure for cancer and then nothing ever happens. I can assure you that the cure for cancer will not be found in the next 100 years. Of course there will be advances in how cancer is treated but a full blown cure is not going to happen.

Comment Blinking and beeping (Score 2) 294

Oh, cut the bleeding heart crap, will ya? We've all got our switches, lights, and knobs to deal with, Striker. I mean, down here there are literally hundreds and thousands of blinking, beeping, and flashing lights, blinking and beeping and flashing - they're *flashing* and they're *beeping*. I can't stand it anymore! They're *blinking* and *beeping* and *flashing*! Why doesn't somebody pull the plug!

Comment Re:+1 for closed proprietary SaaS, cloud (Score 1) 47

It is always a good idea to log as much as you can. Because if something goes wrong later then you can go back and check the actual data. Having the log only for debug mode doesn't help you when something is wrong on a live system. But of course you always remove or starr out any critical information when logging.

Comment Welcome to real life (Score 1) 326

Welcome to my life. As a software engineer I must document everything and make reports and tickets for every single change. Even if a single digit code change takes only 2 seconds to make, I spend up to maybe 2 hours documenting, making TPS reports, tickets and work reports for that single change. Most likely that work will never be read again ever.

Comment Idiot (Score 0) 159

Because you are an idiot?

In order to generate extra in between frames you need at least 2 frames. For TV this means that the output is delayed for a few milliseconds which isn't a problem because TV is not interactive but for a VR which is interactive you just added more delay into the controller response system.

Comment This is stupid (Score 1) 451

It is impossible to program a car to make the best moral decision. If that was the case then the car would be a sentient being himself and even if the car was a sentinent being it would not be clear cut what decision would be the best in any case.

The only possible way for this to work at all is to have very simple rules for self driving cars:
1) The car must never drive of the road or into incoming traffic, even if there are obstacles/people in front.
2) If there is an obstacle in front apply breaks as needed.

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 1) 404

I have never gotten the distinction christians take between the old and the new testament. I get what they are but not why there is a distinction. I mean ok the old testament was written before Jesus, but the old testament was still written by God right? And what is in the old testament is what God actually did. So what happened? Did God just change his mind? Did God make a mistake? Was he a mean old spirited jackass in the old testament but changed and became nicer guy as he got older? What happened?

If God is supposed to be almighty then nothing of this makes any sense at all.

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