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Comment Welcome to real life (Score 1) 326

Welcome to my life. As a software engineer I must document everything and make reports and tickets for every single change. Even if a single digit code change takes only 2 seconds to make, I spend up to maybe 2 hours documenting, making TPS reports, tickets and work reports for that single change. Most likely that work will never be read again ever.

Comment Idiot (Score 0) 159

Because you are an idiot?

In order to generate extra in between frames you need at least 2 frames. For TV this means that the output is delayed for a few milliseconds which isn't a problem because TV is not interactive but for a VR which is interactive you just added more delay into the controller response system.

Comment This is stupid (Score 1) 451

It is impossible to program a car to make the best moral decision. If that was the case then the car would be a sentient being himself and even if the car was a sentinent being it would not be clear cut what decision would be the best in any case.

The only possible way for this to work at all is to have very simple rules for self driving cars:
1) The car must never drive of the road or into incoming traffic, even if there are obstacles/people in front.
2) If there is an obstacle in front apply breaks as needed.

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 1) 404

I have never gotten the distinction christians take between the old and the new testament. I get what they are but not why there is a distinction. I mean ok the old testament was written before Jesus, but the old testament was still written by God right? And what is in the old testament is what God actually did. So what happened? Did God just change his mind? Did God make a mistake? Was he a mean old spirited jackass in the old testament but changed and became nicer guy as he got older? What happened?

If God is supposed to be almighty then nothing of this makes any sense at all.

Comment Google and OEM own fault (Score 1) 257

This is a self induced problem. The way to tackle this problem is to write the system in the first place to be extremely specific about what is the core android system is and what is the oem system and also any changes to the the core are either handled by specfici config files or very specific Google approved modifications.

This way Google can update the core system and the OEM can update their system.

I have worked creating complex software systems where we create the core system but the end user can fully customize business rules, user interface and custom additions without affecting the core system. The end user can the then upgrade the core without affecting the custom solution. So this is possible but of course you have to have very good documentation and practices to make this a reality.

Comment Re:Seriously incompetent (Score 0) 214

I am a software developer and I can tell you the Apple developers are morons. You find out where the delete calls are and work your way up from there and map out all the possible scenarios involving delete calls. If they can't do that then obviously the software was written by amateurs and is just a total mess or the current developers are moron.

Now if this was a small software shop with little cash to go around then this would maybe be understandable but we are talking Apple here. They should be able to write their lines of code with NASA precisions and QA.

Comment Re:I told you (Score 1) 171

- would be Apple's to invent themselves, and keep it themselves. Not to give tool to gov agency- they only wanted the opened phone.

Where is that stated? Are you telling me that the FBI would have to give Apple the phone, which is part of evidence, and just let them handle it inhouse at their will at Apple with no government agent involved to supervise?

- that Apple themselves should be responsible for tool once it was created, again the agency felt it is Apple's business IP so not agency's to keep.

They don't need to own it, it is enough just have access to it to misuse it.

- Apple said that once a tool was invented (as you reference), it would leak into the wild. (See point above for Apple's own responsibilities and realize the insanity of their scolding other's for their own possible future leak).

Yes because at some point an agent has access to this tool and could duplicate it or take it with him and at that point it could be leaked into the wild. But even if it was only Apple employees, they are just humans and brittle as anyone. So by creating this tool in the first place there is always a change it will leak. It's like if a company that makes safes creates a bunch of master keys that open all safes. There is always a possibility that some former disgruntled employee will misuse that key. But if those master keys don't exists at all then there is no danger of them being misused.

When Cook CREATED controversy on his own, and started pointing fingers- the agency went elsewhere as you know. then guess what happened *are you ready for this? Commenters, public opinion, and /.'s own member base COMPLAINED that the gov announced the tool would remain secret & not be released. Read that sentence again. The tool was not going public & the gov was keeping it in-house lest it cause havoc all over the world.

I think people where just asking for responsible disclosure since it is obvious that this third party company found a serious security bug and a government agency now has access to information about this bug. This bug information should be released to Apple so that they can create a fix and then after some time the bug information should be disclosed to the general public.

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