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Comment Re:I still want short distance & long distance (Score 1) 395

any ISP who intentionally tries to degrade Netflix service as a strategy to promote their own VOD service will simply be handing all their customers who use Netflix to a competitor.

No the problem is that if the ISP is big enough and has a large customer base then Netflix will have to pay the ISP to maintain the quality of service for those customers. The customers will never see any degrade on their pipe but what will happen is that Netflix will have to raise the price for everyone to pay these extortions fees.

Comment Re:The other campaign (Score 1) 445

Lets examine this huff post thing a little closer. The first thing they present is the Kahn incident. Who cares, the man used his dead son to politically attack trump and trump commented on the fact that his wife was silent during the entire stench of it.

You can disagree with one and one point but given all these instances it is clear Trump is racist.

It is somewhat amazing that you would think that it is racist in some way to comment on how a party that claims to be about the rights of women and minorities puts a sharia Muslim who activly oppresses women on stage to make the case that Trump is racist when Trump points that out. Here, watch this and ask yourself why people are laughing. Then go find out more about how Muslims treat women. Hell, they just arrested a female British journalist in UAE for reporting herself being raped to the police. They say she admitted to participating in extramarital sex.

You can't just put all Muslim people into the same category because of some incidents with some Muslims. It's like saying all christians are racists because the KKK are christians.

More people than you realize think about saying it. In fact, I was at a bar just the other night and saw this absolutely gorgeous woman who was way above my league walk through and thought that if I could hit that, I would knock the bottom out of it so hard that she wouldn't ever forget my name. My friend who was right beside me said something to the same effect just before ordering another drink and resuming a game of pool.

:rolleyes: Yes yes you are the kind of guy that is just full of himself and thinks he is god gift to women. Believe me you are not as special as you think you are. And this also only shows that assholes tend to choose assholes as friends.

Wrong.. I don't know if you are trying to reinvent history yourself or if you are being a useful idiot but no one thought they were going to control Hitler. He pushed himself into power by using violence and threats. He actually told the nazis to put him in the party leadership or he was leaving the party, so they did. He used violence and cunning to being a plurality in the Reichstag which propelled him further. He ran against the Treaty of Versailles and was championed by the people for violating it. The people around him gave him power because they knew he would give them more power. And for those who lived, it was true until the end of WWII. But Hitler was never elected the president of Germany, he lost the only election for president he ran for to the incumbent president Paul von Hindenburg who then appointed Hitler as Chancellor- a position he eventually ended up turning into a supreme dictatorship leading to his reign of power and WWII.

Chancellor Papen thought he could control Hitler, he was wrong. But any way Hitler just assumed the office of Presidency, since he was the Chancellor, it comes out as the same thing. Hitler may have use violence and threats but he was voted in by the people.

Comment Re:The other campaign (Score 1) 445

I've seen nothing from him that he is racist.


At most, he is a bit misogynistic but not in any ways that actually matter as his campaign manager was a woman and he has women in leadership roles within his companies.

Just because there are women on his staff doesn't mean he is not misogynistic.

Trump is rude and crude at times, and has said a lot of things most people think about but never actually say publicly

Well maybe you think about it saying it, but the rest of us never do, because we are not rude and crude.

You could say that I didn't vote for Trump as much as I voted against Hillary and actually wanted that vote to defeat Hillary. Trump is controllable, Congress can go around him.

That is exactly what people in power thought about Hitler at the time. They tought he could be controlled and would never rise to so much power. All the crazy people start somewhere rising up. Remember Hitler was voted democratically.

Comment Re:No historical data (Score 1) 177

Yes that is ok if you don't alter or fix the model based on the result of the historical data. But if your modal is based on or altered to fit the historical data, then what you got is just a model that can predict historical data very well. You have no way to know if that model can actually predict the future in any way unless you actually test it.

Comment No historical data (Score 1) 177

This is only impressive if they didn't use any historical data at all to create the new super computer. If they did use historical data then the answer would be correct by definition. The way to test this is to use historical data make a prediction and then wait a year then compare to the real data only then you have any valid comparison.

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 1) 432

Trump on the other hand while he in theory has the ability to order a nuclear strike at his discretion is smart enough to know that it would end him in the process. So yes I would give him a nuke with the systems currently in place.

Hitler on the other hand while he in theory has the ability to change the Weimar Constitution is smart enough to know that it would end him in the process. So yes I would give him powers with the systems currently in place.

Comment Re:Teased, burned (Score 1) 85

Some definition of date/time fields this exists, but is not supported in all browsers, for example Firefox. And the this stuff is just to limited to be actually usuable in real life. And if you have a working example of integer field which works in all browser, I would be very interested to actally see that.

Comment Re:Teased, burned (Score 2) 85

Yes it is unbelieve that standard input fields are currently not available. What I would like to see as standard input fields on the web.

1) Date field where you can specify how the date is displayed to the user and how the date field is actually sent to the server.
2) Time field with same option as the date field.
3) Timestamp field with date time.
4) Date range field.
5) Integer number field with max min values but not with incremental buttons, and that display only number input on mobile.
6) Currency field with specified currency and max min values.
7) Country selector field with flag display that submits country code.
8) Credit card number field, max min size and with optional LUHN check before submit.
9) Phone number field with country selector.
10) Email field with validation
11) Simple HTML editor field with simple formatting like bold, italics, numbered lists e.t.c
12) Image attachment field. Where you can select an image on your hard disk and it displays as an image in the browser before you submit.
13) Video attachment field. Where you can select a video on your hard disk and it displays as a video in the browser before you submit.
14) Audio attachment field. Where you can select an audio on your hard disk and it displays as audio in the browser before you submit.
15) Simple table editor field. Where you can specify the table data as input in CSV and the result as are sent as CSV.

All of these input fields are possible today but with a lot of kludges and hacking and very specific custom HTML. As it is now everybody in the world has to implement all of these types again and again.

Comment As usual (Score 1) 259

All my lifetime there have been news every few years about how this company or that is just about to find a cure for cancer and then nothing ever happens. I can assure you that the cure for cancer will not be found in the next 100 years. Of course there will be advances in how cancer is treated but a full blown cure is not going to happen.

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