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Comment Re:Strict liability for writing code? It's coming (Score 5, Insightful) 64

You should always make sure you get the manager response in writing. Just tell him to either send his response in an email and then archive this email or log his response to the bug report ticket and notify. Because when the shit hits the fan you will always be blamed, unless you can point to an actual written statement saying otherwise. If you just say "The manager told to me to ignore it", he will just reply "I don't remember saying that".

Everyone else is covering their asses so you should also otherwise it's your ass.

Comment Re:Isn't this kinda the opposite of what you said? (Score 1) 86

It wouldn't have mattered if Apple had developed it or not. FBI employees would have had access to the tool and probably common police officers later down the lane. It would just have been a matter of time before it got leaked into the Internet, because it only takes a single mistake or one rogue agent and the cat is out of the bag.

Comment Re:Not disappointed (Score 1) 85

Prison without trials:

Indefinite solitary confinement:

Spying on all citizens:

Current government supports executions of whistleblowers:

Executing citizens without a trial:

Just to name a few.

Comment Re:Not disappointed (Score 1) 85

Well at least NK is pretty open about how they are spying about their citizens. In USA they do exactly the same as NK except they try to hide the fact and have said they will kill those people who reveal this information. So yes the USA is in fact way worse as a totalitarian state. Just because you live in the USA and find this inconvenient to admit doesn't make it any less true. Remember it isn't enough to just say that your country has freedom and justice you also have to show it through actions.

Comment Re:what's so "unthinkable"? (Score 1) 257

They didn't. Microsoft created their own version of Java, called J++. It wasn't Java, and it wasn't extended. Now, of course, Microsoft could do the same thing to .Net, they could create a new product, call it .N++ and try to peddle that over .Net. Do you have any reason to believe that something like that, .N++ would fare any better than J++? It wouldn't. The only reason to believe it would is a strong case of clinical paranoia.

Are you daft? It doesn't matter what it was called, they could have called it "This is not Java" but that wouldn't change the reality that Microsoft licensed Java from Sun and that it was targeted at Java developers and was compatible with Java but it had Windows extensions that where not compatible. This created two fragmented versions of Java. Now the reason why this didn't work out was because Sun sued them and Microsoft had to remove this version from Windows. If Sun hadn't sued then Java would be dead now.

How is MS 2016 different from MS 1997?

The problem is not just this one specific case. They have been doing this anti competive thing for a long time. I mean just look at the SCO vs Linux case. They funded that ridiculous case behind the scenes in 2004.

Well they are still Microsoft so they have to take the bad reputation with the good. If you lie and cheat in the past don't be surprised that people don't trust you in the future. Good reputation takes a long time to build.

Comment Re:what's so "unthinkable"? (Score 1) 257

Just curious, considering Microsoft doesn't own .Net, how would they go about doing that? Ah, perhaps you did not know. You are ignorant. Stuck in 1997. Grow up.

The same way they added Windows extension to Java which they didn't own. They can't force you to use the extensions but what they can do is to make the extensions so ubiquitous that you either don't know that you are using them or they are basically "required" to get a product with specific features.

Read up on your history. This is classic Microsoft strategy.

Comment Re:what's so "unthinkable"? (Score 1) 257

Why would they need/want to "embrace, extend, and extinguish" a platform that they themselves created?

Because if someone is on a non Windows platform and can use .NET it means they don't get any money for that. So the strategy is to get everyone hooked and have all your codebase slaved to .NET. Then later they add "extensions" or changes that forces you to move to the Windows platform if you want to use the latest features which are only available on Windows.

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