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Comment If you like Sublime Text, try GetSimple (Score 2) 222

GetSimple may not be the best CMS in general, but it fits the bill for me, simple and fast, with a comprehensive set of features that keeps growing, good and fast support (most of the time) and no database. Simple to install, simple to manage, simple to update, and very fast. Broad choice of themes that are easy to customize. I converted a text-based site to GetSimple in an afternoon. I cannot say in detail how it compares to the big CMS you listed, but I can tell you that the learning curve is not nearly as steep (I tried two of them), and I do not feel that I have handed my life to somebody else.

Comment Not smart for very long (Score 1) 507

Bought a Samsung 65" smart TV last year, it was about $1,500. Very nice screen, but the browser is excruciatingly slow and no longer plays Flash. The apps are OK (Netflix), but I do not have as many apps as I can get through other streaming devices. I have plugged a $39 Fire Stick in it and it plays 90% of what I want to see. For the other 10%, I can always plug my $200 Chromebook into an HDMI socket, or use screen casting from my phone. To the extend that I can, my next TV will have HDMI, screen casting and USB, but it won't be otherwise "smart. It's better to keep the "smart" into whatever you are going to plug in the TV. It used to be a TV would last 15 years. Of course, nobody wants that...

Comment Re:Good. (Score 2) 153

"Yes, paying $18 per month "rental" for a $100 device really sucks" Totally agree, even more so considering that when integrated into the TV, the cost is probably more like $20. I looked at SAM's Club over the week end, and the "smart TV" versions of otherwise "non-smart" TVs in the 40" range cost about $40 to $60 more for the "smart" TVs. The hardware for a smart TV is more than capable of dealing with the cable data. Another advantage of having the hardware integrated into the TV as opposed to a set top box (even a universal one) is that you only need one remote.

Comment Re: Only six? (Score 1) 113

Yes of course. I had a closed account that was charged almost a year after being closed via a fubared electronic transaction and the bank still expected me to pay even though I had not been their customer for almost a year. It took me 3 trips to the bank and many phone calls to get them to drop the case.

I was told you cannot close an account, ever, for merchants. When you "close" it, you only essentially tell the bank that you no longer want to get statements, and they will stop charging you the monthly maintenance fee. Also, if you do write a check after "closing" the account, they will deny the payment (I guess that is bank dependent) but in all cases you will be charged an overdraft fee. Once you open an account, it will be there for life and even through death it will be passed to your heirs.

They apparently have no mechanism to filter an incoming electronic debit request when the account is closed because they keep the account number in their logs. Closing an account is not "deleting" an account.

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