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Comment Re:Cox HSI... (Score 1) 150

I have cox in Phoenix and have IPv6. The modem will say that even if IPv6 is working. That message is related to how cox manages the modem, it has no impact on bridging IPv6 to your router. You also have to make sure your router is configured to pull IPv6 the way cox wants or it won't work. (It's been a year since I got it working and don't remember the specifics now).

Comment the news feed on facebook is worthless (Score 1) 50

I don't even look at my news feed anymore, nothing but spam. It tends to show me links to things rather than the user generated content that I want to see. I think the same happens in reverse, I rarely post because my posts are making it to my friends news feeds. I configured facebook to add notifications for a handful of friends and family members that I want to see posts from. Once or twice a week I skim the facebook notifications page, ignore anything that says "shared", open the few "updates" and then I'm out of there. I think the social network is dead, and there seems to be nothing else out there to take its place. And even if there was, everyone over 20 is only on facebook.

Comment Re:Inertia (Score 1) 225

This is because congress got to pick and they picked 8-VSB because it was owned by Zenith, then an American company but now owned by LG. The other reason I've heard was because 8-VSB has better range than COFDM. So it works better at the farm house out in the boondocks where the house probably has satellite tv and doesn't work well in the city, where people actually are, because it doesn't handle multipath well,

Comment Re:Sharing channel == worse picture quality (Score 1) 80

So two stations that were previously using 6 MHz bandwidth each, will now share one channel, presumably using 3 MHz each.... and so each will have a 50% drop in picture quality. How is this a good thing for the consumer?

They are sharing 19MB data stream, it means dropping PQ or Sub channels or both

Comment Its just like teachers picking text books (Score 1) 359

When I was in high school we were told to buy a specific model TI ( I don't remember the number) because thats what the teachers knew how to use. If you were the kid who bought the cheaper Casio with more features and a color screen you were on your own to figure out how to use it.

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