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Submission + - Mobile providers & Net Neutrality (

kaysan writes: Recently the Dutch national telecom provider KPN announced it would alter its mobile services this summer so as to have their customers pay extra for specific applications and their use of data networks, such as Whatsapp and Skype. Vodafone then followed suit, announcing similar measures. Ironically both providers are currently under scrutiny from market watchdogs for using DPI to measure the amount and type of use by customers of said applications. This morning the Secretary of Economic Affairs accepted the wish of the majority of parliament to prohibit charging extra for specific applciations. This does not mean that telecom providers are prohibited from raising the costs of their data services. A win for net neutrality?

Tegra-Based Android Devices To Get Space MMO Vendetta Online 62

Incarnate-VO writes "Guild Software, makers of the multi-platform space MMO Vendetta Online, is apparently rolling a native Android port, intended for use on upcoming smartbooks and tablets powered by Nvidia's second-generation Tegra. More information on the port at the Android FAQ page on the Vendetta Online website."

Comment Re:Fuck This (Score 1) 390

I find the thought of the world's most powerful army belonging to an economically wracked nation quite frightening. There are compelling historical examples which would have nations such as China and S.A. reconsider before initiating action which transforms the source of global economic and political stability into a breeding ground for nationalistic radicalisation.
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Submission + - New Go Algorithm May Help Beat Human Players

An anonymous reader writes: The Birmingham Post reports that two Hungarian scientists have now come up with an algorithm that helps computers pick the right move in Go (an ancient Chinese board game that is still popular in Asia). Though computers have beat top players in chess, even the most powerful computer failed to beat top players in Go. The new method uses two processors instead of one. Though 19x19 board is still tough for computers, "On a nine by nine board we are not far from reaching the level of a professional Go player," said Levente Kocsis at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences' computing lab SZTAKI.
The Courts

Submission + - Second Life Child Pornography Uncovered

kaysan writes: The Dutch Public Prosecutor (OM) has argued for a need to conduct test trials in order to develop case law concerning Second Life Child Pornography. FTA: "..Second life has about 3 million members. In some 'sections' of the game, members can engage their virtuel self in sexual conduct with others, posing as children."

Link in Dutch, however Babelfish 'works' & you get the idea. For video streaming with images of how this stuff looks, go here(Dutch 'CNN') and click "bekijk uitzending" (bottom left — in orange field) it's the first item on the show, so fight your way through the incomprehensive language until you get to the concerned-face-people + footage.
The Matrix

Submission + - The Linden dollar Game

Randolph Harrison writes: "Following up on my article about how I found the Second Life economy to really be more of a virtual pyramid Ponzi scheme, I analyzed recently published "virtual economic data" from Linden Labs. Second Life's virtual economy probably isn't technically a "ponzi" scheme, but more of a HYIP game. I'm now more convinced than ever that the Linden dollar based economy is a house of cards, whether by intention or poor judgment. Either that or Second Life will have 45 million unique players by the end of 2008. Printing money, operating a treasury, managing a central bank, adjusting fiscal policy, and maintaining a currency peg are difficult for the even most hardened international economic policy wonks. Invest your time and money into such an "economy" run by trippy computer game designers at your own peril. Lots of nice graphs and charts included in the read."

Submission + - Theory for Expansion of Universe

LethargicParasite writes: "In a recent astronomy class, my professor was talking about the expansion of the universe. He mentioned three key things:
1. The universe is likely expanding.
2. The velocity of the expansion of the universe is likely increasing.
3. Whatever causes the expansion of the universe is likely the cause of the bubble structure of the universe.
I came up with a theory that the professor could not refute outright: The expansion of the universe is the result of black holes converting matter (which takes up space) into a singularity (which does not take up space). This theory could explain the bubble-like structure of the universe, the expansion of the universe, and perhaps even the acceleration of the universe. So. Is this theory even falsifiable without looking for black holes at the centre of the voids?"
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Journal SPAM: Iraq and the Sioux Nation

When President Bush says he's prepared to stay in Iraq "until the job is done," those poor Iraqis have no idea just how long he means. But the Lakotas do. The United States government has been "stabilizing" the Great Sioux Nation and promoting democracy for 139 years.

User Journal

Journal SPAM: Empire and Occupation Alert from Chalmers Johnson 1

Interestingly enough, the thirty-eight large and medium-sized American facilities spread around the globe in 2005 -- mostly air and naval bases for our bombers and fleets -- almost exactly equals Britain's thirty-six naval bases and army garrisons at its imperial zenith in 1898. The Roman Empire at its height in 117 AD required thirty-seven major bases to police its realm from Britannia to Egypt, from Hispania to Armenia. Perhaps the optimum number of major citadels and fortresses for an impe

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