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Comment Re:Hunters.. (Score 0, Troll) 1010

Besides owning a large truck that is never used for hauling or off road sporting, nothing says "I have a small penis" like owning something from Apple.

I love it when the obvious insecurities of socially repressed slashdotters manifests itself in pure nerd-rage.

Comment Re:What *some* people wanted the iPad to be... (Score 1) 401

At the risk of sounding condescending and snobby...

I really think that people are not able to envision the future use of the iPad, which causes them to not like it. Right now in their brains it doesn't do what they want it to do, and they aren't sure what it even does.

I think, given some time, it will become more clear that it is a "game-changing" device for the future of computing.

I realize I'm in the super-minority here and sound like a fanboy (I actually gave away the only Mac i've ever purchased, to my sister, but I do have an iPhone). I also think that giving people "more of the same" is exactly what we don't need.

Again, I'm not saying anyone is "stupid" or something ridiculous like that, or that i'm some sort of visionary. I honestly just think it's a matter of the product getting into the hands of people before they actually like it.

Comment What *some* people wanted the iPad to be... (Score 1) 401

I don't know about you, but a netbook that turns into a tablet is about the last thing I wanted the iPad to be. Do i want a more clumsy way of doing things I already (don't) do on a netbook? Not really. I want a paradigm shift in the way we use computers. The Lenovo device to me, looks like more of the same, with a worse way of doing it. The iPad looks like something we haven't really thought of on this scale. So, in conclusion, the iPad is what I wanted the iPad to be.

Comment Re:Why should I care? (Score 1, Flamebait) 375

By and large, it's just a bunch of white guys hiring their friends into ridiculously high paying jobs with no skills other than being good at socializing with other white guys. Sorry about the egregiousness, but somebody had to say it.

Comments like this really don't help anything. Not only is your comment highly untrue, but it demonstrates a level of jealousy and personal issues that we really aren't interested in discussing.

If you think that these ridiculously high paying jobs require no skills and nothing other than a buddy from the tennis club downtown, then why aren't you doing that? Many of these jobs require skills that you may consider "talent-less", but unless you are able to do them, the demand for those talents becomes higher. And lets face it, you can't do them. The job responsibilities of these individuals require a high level of skill and talent to succeed in a competitive market like technology.

Basically, you're commenting from the talent-less pool of individuals who think they are being oppressed by some "good ole boys club" and can't do anything about it. You're free to think that, but you might want to aim higher.

Sorry for the egregiousness, but somebody had to say it (again).

Comment On-site part-time (Score 1) 730

Not sure why everyone here is attacking the guy. There are plenty of companies that will do on-site IT support for a certain amount of time each week. He could have on-site personnel at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. I know because I work for a firm that provides exactly this service.

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