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Comment The problem with the education system (Score 1) 273

The education system is failing because it is designed to educate a student that doesn't exist, the average student. Every child is different and every child needs different instruction at different times in their development. The education system needs to be completely thrown out. We should design a new system from the ground up that adapts to the needs of the student instead of the forcing the student to adapt to the needs of the system. I have no idea how to do that, but if I studied how children learn I'm sure I could come up with something. It isn't impossible, it just takes vision and courage. Ok, that's impossible.

Comment South Carolina Police have nothing to do (Score 1) 467

This is almost as good as the NY cop who made a blind woman clean up dog poop with her bare hands after her seeing eye dog pooped in the curb, where he's supposed to. People in South Carolina are probably paying these police close to $100,000/year. I wonder if anyone considered giving the complainant $5 and firing an excess police officer to make up the difference?

Comment There is no requirement to play (Score 1) 314

Example: 8 years ago we moved to a small town where no one picked up their dog crap in the park except me. The local ascetic said, "That won't do any good. No one else does that." When people saw me picking up after my dog, they started doing it too. Soon there was no dog crap in the park. There was no requirement to pick up, but people did it because it made a better park for everyone. Just because some people steal, doesn't mean everyone will join them. Most people will do the right thing because it usually makes everyone better off.

Comment Microsoft should off load to open source (Score 2, Interesting) 829

Microsoft should transition all those XP users to a linux distro made to look and behave more like Windows. If Windows really is better then those customers will come back when they buy a new machine. In the mean time, Microsoft will have off loaded maintenance onto open source and freed itself to innovate. No doubt they will do something else, that will turn out to be stupid.

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