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Comment Re:What is a one-dimensional Mott insulator Sr2CuO (Score 5, Informative) 131

Wikipedia says this about Mott insulators: Mott insulators are a class of materials that should conduct electricity under conventional band theories, but are insulators when measured (particularly at low temperatures). This effect is due to electron-electron interactions which are not considered in conventional band theory.

Comment Re:The problem with CEOs.. (Score 1) 269

Well, maybe the problem is the MBA course they are doing. In Accounting at my MBA, the failure rate was massive - like 20%. That was probably the hardest course, but there are plenty that are tough.

I wonder as well if the problem is the people who are doing the MBA where you are. If you take an good engineer and make him do an MBA, he doesn't suddenly become an idiot ... what he will become is more aware of the other issues involved in running a business.

Comment Re:The problem with CEOs.. (Score 1) 269

Honestly, as a long-time IT geek and industry participant, I get tired of hearing this over an over. I am half-way through an MBA (in Australia mind you) and the focus is NOT on short-term gains. We do a lot of different things, from Statistics to Accounting and general Personnel Management. The focus is on understanding and improving the situation .. not on running things into the ground to make a bonus for the year.

Comment Is it possible to automate transcripts? (Score 1) 96

What methods are people using to provide these transcripts? Piping it to Google Voice? Splitting out the audio and running through Dragon Dictate? Farming out to Mechanical Turk?

I was thinking about trying to provide transcripts for a large number of videos and nothing strikes me as particularly easy or reliable. Any suggestions?

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