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Comment Re:Cultural sickness. (Score 1) 297

In Sillycon Valley there are still some schools with open fields but DeAnza used to have an open pool my friends and I used to go to all the time in the summer. Now you have to sign your life away or belong to a swim club to use it. They even closed the 10m platform because someone got hurt or died jumping off it.

Comment Re:No religious protection (Score 1) 253

It was actually a donkey but anyway. Islam is defensive and it has a right to be because of these crazy ideas. At least with Christianity you have the New Testament which is reasonably sane.

You could drop Jesus in almost any country in any century and he would bring peace, or try to dying. With Mohamed you'd just have a big perverted mess on your hands.

Comment Re:sigh... (Score 0, Insightful) 253

And much of that is collateral damage, still wrong yes. Also U.S. intervention has only exacerbated the Sunni-Shia strife in the region. The U.S. is guilty yes, but of not understanding political Islam and how it plays a role in the M.E.

Intentions matter, people killing or subjugating others because they are among the dis-believers is part of the ideology as stated in the Quran 9:29.

Comment Quartz watches (Score 0) 202

Same thing happened in the 60's and 70's when quartz watches were so much cheaper and accurate compared to mechanical movements.

Mechanical watches will always be a niche market and will never go away. I'd rather have a watch that will last 50+ years and still look and sound good after that time. Take your pick, you got: Omega, Rolex, Breitling, Seiko, etc.. plus high end makers like Patek Phillip.

Sure the swiss watchmakers will go through their slump, but after the novelty of fancy usb charged smart watches wear off you'll always have the artistic mechanical movements of old.

Comment Re: Justifiable under CHRISTIANITY (Score 0) 147

Violence in the name of Christianity is hard to define if going by the New Testament. The Quran goes in the opposite direction getting more violent as it progresses. The Old Testament has Deuteronomy and Leviticus which are pretty violent, but the New Testament has Jesus' teachings.

Even if you don't believe in religions you can easily see the Bible "evolved" and we are left with the New Testament. The Quran's last marching orders are violent, if it stopped at "You have your religion and I have mine" we'd be much better off.

But you can thank Quran abrogration Surah 2:106 for all this mess.

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