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Comment Re:Honestly, when will people learn? (Score 3, Interesting) 98

While I don't feel buffer overflows are something to ignore, from what I see the developer never actually said "unexploitable."

From the "skeptical glibc developer" link:

> if not maybe the one byte overflow is still exploitable.

Hmm. How likely is that? It overflows in to malloc metadata, and the
glibc malloc hardening should catch that these days.

Comment That's pretty neat... (Score 1) 264

... but I'm not sure how it's a "Relativity Shock" as the second links suggests.

Upon thinking about a marble rolling on a rubber sheet I immediately see two big differences between it and a planet moving in space: (i) the marble.. well.. rolls along the sheet, which planets don't do while moving through space; and (ii) the rubber sheet doesn't propagate disturbances at the speed of light (or anywhere close to it).

Submission + - Nmap team releases 5 gigapixel favicon map 1

iago-vL writes: From the creators of Nmap comes the largest survey of this its kind ever performed: the favicon.ico files of over a million Web sites were scanned, compiled, and sorted to create a 5 gigapixel image, blowing their 2010 survey out of the water! It's searchable, zoomable, and incredibly fun to play with! Can you find Slashdot without cheating? (Hint: it's near Facebook)

The State of Ruby VMs — Ruby Renaissance 89

igrigorik writes "In the short span of just a couple of years, the Ruby VM space has evolved to more than just a handful of choices: MRI, JRuby, IronRuby, MacRuby, Rubinius, MagLev, REE and BlueRuby. Four of these VMs will hit 1.0 status in the upcoming year and will open up entirely new possibilities for the language — Mac apps via MacRuby, Ruby in the browser via Silverlight, object persistence via Smalltalk VM, and so forth. This article takes a detailed look at the past year, the progress of each project, and where the community is heading. It's an exciting time to be a Rubyist."

Comment Well... (Score 1) 440

Tell them you feel strongly about retaining your rights over your software and see if they maintain that it's required to transfer rights to them. Get the facts from them. If they say you have to, but you really don't want to, don't take the job. Of course, make sure you get it in writing.

Submission + - Wireshark 1.0 Released 1

katterjohn writes: "After almost 10 years of work, Wireshark 1.0 has been released. Wireshark is the award-winning protocol analyzer, formerly known as Ethereal, that has taken the packet sniffers to a whole new level. A list of all the goodies is here."

Submission + - iPhone 2.0 OS Already Hacked

katterjohn writes: The Beta version of the iPhone 2.0 operating system has already been cracked by the iPhone Dev Team.

"Apparently, this time it's final. Previous hacks have been tied to a specific version of the iPhone OS, meaning that the hackers were playing a cat-and-mouse game with Apple: the cracks, jailbreaks and unlocks were broken with each new update.

This latest crack actually bypasses the iPhone bootloader (the software which loads the OS when a computer is switched on) and allows unsigned code to be written to and run on the iPhone. Think of it as like finding the keys to a house, and the owner can't change the locks."

Probe Captures Avalanche on Mars 69

mdekato writes "MSNBC reports that NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured an avalanche on Mars' surface as it happened. Very good still images show what must have been an awesome sight. 'The full image reveals features as small as a desk in a strip of terrain 3.7 miles (6 kilometers) wide and more than 10 times that long, at 84 degrees north latitude. Reddish layers known to be rich in water ice make up the face of a steep slope more than 2,300 feet (700 meters) tall, running the length of the image. Mars' north pole is covered by a cap of ice, and it even snows there. The scientists suspect that more ice than dust probably makes up the material that fell from the upper portion of the scarp.'"

Submission + - FBI Warns of Exploding Pregnant Bellies

katterjohn writes: ""The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are warning US law enforcement agencies to keep a sharp look-out for "a new type of terrorism" in which apparently-pregnant women suddenly go bang due to the fact they aren't really mums-to-be at all, but cold-hearted suicide bombers packing explosives inside a swelling prosthetic belly."

Talk about baby boomers..."

Submission + - Metasploit 3.1 released

katterjohn writes: "Version 3.1 of the Metasploit Framework — the cross-platform development platform for testing and creating new security tools and exploits — has been released. Project manager H D Moore says "Metasploit 3.1 consolidates a year of research and development, integrating ideas and code from some of the sharpest and most innovative folks in the security research community."

From the release notes: "The latest incarnation of the framework includes a bristling arsenal of exploit modules that are sure to put a smile on the face of every information warrior. Notable exploits in the 3.1 release include a remote, unpatched kernel-land exploit for Novell Netware, written by toto, a series of 802.11 fuzzing modules that can spray the local airspace with malformed frames, taking out a wide swath of wireless-enabled devices, and a battery of exploits targeted at Borland's InterBase product line."

The Metasploit Framework can be downloaded here."

Submission + - Yahoo caught censoring Open Source ( 5

An anonymous reader writes: Amanda Kerik responded to a problem that a user was having with their Windows machine that since they had to do a re-install they might as well install Ubuntu Linux.

She got a message back from Yahoo claiming that such a comment was in violation of its Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. It deleted her answer and warned her not to post anything like that again ..

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