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Comment hmmm (Score 1) 273

While I'll never claim to be a Linux "wizard", personally I prefer FreeBSD as a *n?x solution, but at any rate .. I'm far from being Linux stupid and to date, I still can't get Gentoo, even a stage 3, installation to occur without massive issues. (If it's the hardware then all I can say is gentoo hates it and all other *n?x flavors including Sun OS and the BSDs like it.)

Further more, a wise man once said, "work smarter, not harder", spending hours if not days on end compiling everything from souce seems "harder" to me. Gentoo zealots of course have their opinion, and I'm proud of them for it. But I see nothing wrong with easy to install, within a few minutes, binary OS installations and upgrades for 99% of the Linux community.

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