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Comment So they don't get our crypto! (Score 1) 448

Our general rule of thumb regarding radios and communications equipment... Zero it out if it's going to fall into the hands of the enemy (there's a button for that.) If you don't have time to zero it out, we were also provided an axe to smash the radio if need be. (If current or future crypto, changed weekly, fell into enemy hands-- they could listen to our communications.) Obviously smashing it to bits with an axe is a last resort measure, but... It was a measure.

Submission + - New "chemical internet" is able to compute chemical reactions

daftna writes: Living on Earth has a story about a chemist who has made software to map the almost infinite number of possible chemical reactions: "Imagine a huge network, but instead of computers connected by nodes, we have molecules connected by reactions. And this information has been created not by me ... but by every chemist that ever lived." The network is a sort of a chemical search engine that has a new way of analyzing chemistry and finding optimal synthetic pathways out of the trillions of possibilities one would normally have to find by trial and error. Instead, "What we can do, having all the collective knowledge ever created in chemistry [is] train the computer to extract certain patterns automatically and these patterns are then based not on our individual experience but on the experiences of everything that was used to train the computer — meaning every single reaction ever performed." He calls it "Chematica" and details of the system are published in the journal Angewandte Chemie

Comment Didn't read all the posts... (Score 1) 177

But I probably violated Verizon's ToS by not paying for NationalAccess or whatever the heck it's called + the extra 70$ a month for the card by reflashing my HTC phone... Reasonable speeds, up to 200kB download with good signal. No limit because I was using the phone's "Unlimited Access" and I would download probably 10 gigs a week in streaming videos and the like.

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