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Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 2) 461

Been an employee and a contractor. Contractor is so much better and more freeing. I never once thought, Oh if I could only have my taxes withheld... I got to dictate terms for my jobs, I got the benefit of tax exemptions which pay for my working vehicle. All expenses are tax write offs. It was downright pleasant and for once my time put into being better at a job, paid me directly instead of paying my boss. Also, it was government which took the opportunity away from me, forcing me back into an hourly position so they could get that 40% cut from my weekly check.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 461

Outcomes dont determine whether an act is 'slavery' or more accurately an immoral imposition on the rights of a human. The act of imposing is the immoral act. If government takes all the profit from running a business therefore making that business insoluble, (such as $15 minimum wage making entry level workers un-hireable) The government has only indirectly hurt the employee, by harming the rights of the employer to operate his business in an equitable manner. More to the point, If the employee votes to enable or encourage the government to impose heavy demands (such as comprehensive medical coverage) on said business owner, the employee is immorally imposing mob rule impositions on the minority business owner (if he were part of a majority he obviously would have won the majority vote) and the only one harmed by the resulting poor economy would be the business owner since the employee is complicit.

Comment Non-Death of Nintendo continues to baffle experts (Score 2) 174

Every generation of consoles cause streams of claims the sky has finally fallen in on Nintendo. Sega's (and Turbographics)CD based systems were the initial perceived killer. After that the N64 (still cartridge based) was not powerful enough to compete. Then the Gamecube was again not powerful enough to play the games people wanted to buy. Then the Wii was just the cube put into a new box with fancy shake equipped controllers. At every stage Nintendo causes a rip to form in the 'power is everything' argument. Nintendo clearly isnt working on the same model. Nintendo creates fads and they ride those through the hardware eras. They invest their billions on unique hardware and create opportunities for completely original gameplay. Nintendo brought back gaming in the 80s. They mastered the art of fun immersive long form adventure gaming with Zelda, Metroid and Mario in the 90s. They basically invented party gaming with the Wii in the 2000s. Meanwhile their portable gaming has been on the cutting edge the entire time until phones became portable computers. Despite the loss of control over that portable market they have now found a way to revitalize both the portable gaming industry and Nintedo themselves. In a year there will be a dozen games blatantly copying this new innovation and Nintendo will have the best of them. Part of this is because Sony and Microsoft treat their consoles as an inroad to gaining customers in other branches of technology or services. Nintendo just wants people to play their games.

Comment Internet Ads (Score 1) 316

Amazing how different this is from internet browsing where, except for page breaking and popup/popunder ads, ads are mostly ignored. Web presence of content providers of news or non video content have to force paid patronage by blocking content. I think if they did it clever enough, say they stick star wars movies on the top of action lists when a new star wars comes out... or attach a commercial for the new ghostbusters to the other ghostbuster movies... Trailers in front of movies...Commercials for New seasons of CSI recommended on CSI fans lists... That could work. Not like Hulu where is just spams crappy internet ads every five minutes.

Comment Re:Thats really cheap (Score 2) 298

First US usage of power is about 4 times higher per household than Germany, possibly due to Germans mostly not having or using AC in the warmer months. This makes summer the power usage low in Germany. In the US the summer months are the usage high.

The government (ie taxpayers) subsidize the tune of 20 billion Euros per year and rising (hiding the actual cost)

German prices per kwh are higher (~.34 per kwh) vs US (~.15) mostly due to tax/tariff on energy, and regulatory procedures related to the infrastructure payments of solar and other renewables. The prices are rising so fast the government has had to begin a more restrictive path on new solar.

Based solely on price per kwh and predictable capacity, solar is awful. More specifically awful for germany, because of geography and weather trends.

This unpredictability is causing massive new production plants using coal. This is a reult of shutting down nuclear and building solar which only generates an average of >10% of potential capacity. Altogether the solar plan's end result is not bringing them closer to meeting their climate pollution goals.

"when the wind suddenly stops blowing, and in particular during the cold season, supply becomes scarce. That's when heavy oil and coal power plants have to be fired up to close the gap, which is why Germany's energy producers in 2012 actually released more climate-damaging carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than in 2011. If there is still an electricity shortfall, energy-hungry plants like the ArcelorMittal steel mill in Hamburg are sometimes asked to shut down production to protect the grid. Of course, ordinary electricity customers are then expected to pay for the compensation these businesses are entitled to for lost profits."

Comment Original Article and Idealogical Authoritatians (Score 1) 760


The original article shows several disputes concerning the project including the fact that the community would not receive any benefit from converting the property besides working along with the power company which owns the massive power junction around the town. No tax benefits, no diminshed power bills, unsightly sites all over the place (This was to be another addition to the 4 solar locations in their area). The council disputed the more controversial/uninformed reasons, passed 3 additions and rejected one (for unspecified reasons). Then tabled discussions for further additions. The people primarily objected to loss of taxable business property locations and lack of a tangible benefit to the community (which the town council represents). The sunlight comments arent in quotes which makes them at least questionable considering the rest of the comments are in quotes. If one makes reasonable accomodations to the nature of the objections, you could easily see that the comments about cancer would apply to the GIANT ELECTRICAL ARRAY in town, which the WHO states the that they arent sure why but there seems to be high incidents of correlation to cancer... The article amounts to so much Trolling by the original author, and subsequent hangers on to illegimately bash objectors to the current idealogical correctness.

Comment Anthramycin (Score 1) 345

"Two years have gone by since Fenical identified anthramycin and no one has shown any interest in taking it from the research lab to the clinic."

The point of this article seems to be that HIS study on a drug that apparently is as deadly as the disease it cures, isn't a big hit with drug companies. You dont see drug companies pass over anything they might be able to sell to millions of people per year.

Comment Notice the media slam this week on Rand Paul? (Score 5, Insightful) 218

From all over the media, political commentators have been slamming Rand Paul since the 'filibuster'. Not just competitive republicans running for office or stumping for their guy either. Fox news left him off the latest poll, Scarboro (former republican analyst) mocks him, Bill Kristol (ancient neocon acolyte) mocks him. Several editorial columns describe his maneuvering of the vote for renewing the patriot act as betrayal. Huffpo implied Rand's 'act' is so tedious that other senators roll their eyes.

Amazing how this man is so derided for actually acting on one of the biggest issues of our time instead of just going along

Comment Re:This isnt a study for predicting capacity (Score 1) 262

The Study Scenario is a plausible outcome, representing what could come about through a variety of pathways, including aggressive wind cost reductions, high fossil fuel costs, federal or state policy support, high demand growth, or different combinations of these factors. The resulting Study Scenario —10% by 2020, 20% by 2030, and 35% by 2050 wind energy as a share of national end-use electricity demand—is compared against the Baseline Scenario to estimate costs, benefits, and other impacts associated with potential future wind deployment.

Given the purpose of the paper and the lengths they had to go to fabricate a reality to achieve a positive outcome, this could easily be seen as an admission that Wind power in it's current form is unproductive.

The short list of what Wind power requires to be on the path according to this study (10% of power production in US) high gas prices (especially natural gas), Federal subsidation, overcoming low generation periods (alternate sources/short term storage), highly accurate predictive weather models, new long range transmission lines, political opposition to the towers,much higher prices of offshore wind power, higher consumer prices despite subsidation, higher electrical usage (to create a demand for new generation), All other forms of power generation must just stop growing, this study ignores all of the others.

Comment This isnt a study for predicting capacity (Score 1) 262

This a study that makes certain assumptions about usage and capacity and draws conclusions of the realities of what that market will look like into the future. This one is labeled the "Study Scenario' and is paired with the Central Study Scenario' and the 'Baseline Scenario', all of which make differing assumptions about what direction the Wind generation market will become over the next 40 years.

This study assumes significant investment and growth specifically in GW expansion, breaking down costs, difficulties, consequences and lots of other details. The crux of the study comes at ES.2-3 where it shows, in years where there is no Wind power subsidy from the federal government, there is no expansion of generation.

From the Article: ES.5.1 The Opportunity: The Wind Vision analysis modeled a future Study Scenario (with various sensitivities) in which 10% of the nation’s electricity demand is met by wind power in 2020, 20% by 2030, and 35% by 2050.

ES.4.2 Risk of Inaction: Without actions to improve wind’s competitive position in the market, such as those described in the roadmap, the nation risks losing its existing wind manufacturing infrastructure and a range of public benefits.

This is an Energy Dept rationalization for increased funding most especially of the Wind Power Production Tax Credit. The most entertaining part is the repeated mentions of the limitations of wind power (low wind regions, distance from power grid, unpredictable output). They have to increase power usage significantly to predict lower prices (because of the largely insurmountable technical issues with Wind) even though electricity usage has declined for 6 years. In short, this is a brochure for the best case scenario for Wind Power if everything goes right. The original studies (this is an executive summary) dont seem to be available.


Comment Re:Statistics and.. (Score 5, Informative) 407

The early release and refusal to place new inmates in California is huge. According to federal statistics, California dropped 50k internments per year and are releasing early 13k per month. Just their decline alone accounts for 72% of total US reductions. Depending on the length of sentences, they may well have sent home the entire 200k 'drop' in prisoners. And other major state prison systems admit their lowering of prison sentences for drug crimes is the reason for their drops.

And the california plan seems to be raising some crimes there

"By contrast, we find robust evidence that realignment is related to increased property crime. In terms of overall property crime, we estimate an additional one to two property crimes per year on average for each offender who is not incarcerated as a result of realignment. In particular, we see substantial increases in the number of motor vehicle thefts, which went up by 14.8 percent between 2011 and 2012. (Magnus Lofstrom and Steven Raphael, Public Safety Realignment and Crime Rates in California, Public Policy Institute of California, Dec., 2013 at p. 2.)"

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