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Submission + - ownCloud iCloud (karlitschek.de)

karper writes: In light of Apple's announcement of its iCloud services, opendesktop.org maintainer Frank Karlitschek blogs about cloud services done right — ownCloud aims to be a completely user controlled online file and media storage/sharing service with planned features including desktop applications settings and PIM (emails, contacts, calendar etc) data synchronization. Says Karlitschek, "I think ownCloud has the potential to become the cloud storage solution for people who don't like vendor lock-ins and care about freedom and privacy."

Developers are welcome to join the effort and help move things faster!

Submission + - Netherlands to introduce net neutrality (tweakers.net)

sheean.nl writes: "Dutch tech news site Tweakers.net reports that the Netherlands will get a legal guarantee on net neutrality, as far as the minister of economics Verhagen (CDA, Christian Democrats) is concerned. Verhagen will almost fully accept a motion of the opposition parties, although the coalition members are not yet fully convinced.

If accepted, the Netherlands would become the second country after Chili to guarantee net neutrality."

Comment Re:The interface doesn't need to be changed much (Score 1) 264

Both have a panel on the bottom with a start menu on the left and a system tray on the right. That's pretty much as deep as most non-users see and thus the reputation. Somehow, somewhere, the message that even if KDE picks some defaults, they're all changeable and customizable seems to have gotten lost.

I usually put my panel on the top, center it and shrink it to maybe 50% of the desktop width. That way, there's two areas to the left and right of the panel where there's empty space (even when windows are full screened). These areas are extremely handy to change the desktop by scrolling.

Comment Re:The interface doesn't need to be changed much (Score 1) 264

I like this about the kde philosophy. They pick what they feel is a good default (usually, it's pretty good), but you're by no means confined to using their product that way. Hell, you can kquitapp plasma-desktop and just use krunner (alt+f2 originally, mapped to alt+space for speedier access) for *everything*. Yes, *everything*.

Comment Re:The interface doesn't need to be changed much (Score 2) 264

Regarding the ctrl+v and rightclick-paste comment, it's quite simple to 'fix' this. There's an x clipboard and there's a system clipboard. You can sync them using klipper (the thing that looks like a pair of scissors in the kde system tray). If sync'd, you can copy by selection or copy by ctrl+c and pasting (ctrl+v) always pastes the last copied thing.

Your complaint is valid, though, in that middle-clicking pastes only what you selected and copied, not what you ctrl+c'd. My solution to this is simple: use select/paste. Use ctrl+c/v only if you plan on selecting multiple things which you don't plan on adding to your "clipboard".


Submission + - KDE 4.7 – A First Look At Beta 1 (everydaylht.com)

dmbkiwi writes: "In the last couple of major releases of the 4.x release of KDE SC, the changes have been largely incremental. In fact, it seems that Gnome and Ubuntu (separately but contemporaneously) have swapped places with KDE SC 4. Previously it was Gnome that was the steady plodder making minor incremental changes through the 2.x series, building stability and only adding minor features. However, with the recent releases of both Gnome Shell and the Unity desktop on Ubuntu, the Gnome/Ubuntu side of the desktop linux equation has made radical and controversial steps away from the well loved Gnome 2.x series, leaving KDE 4.x as the “steady as she goes” option."

Comment Re:Dumb Idea (Score 1) 292

1. Resize Konsole on Nvidia. Kernel panic.

Others have mentioned that this is nvidia's territory. kde, particularly kwin works around many of bugs in video card drivers, but for now, the best thing to do might be to use nouveau, instead of nvidia.

2. Change network config, watch kded consume 100% CPU.

kded is supposed to be a single daemon that watches over multiple things like when someone pops in a disk or whatever. There's a recent blog by a kde dev on planetkde identifying that this is a single-point failure prone design as any one of the tasks it's doing could hang it entirely. I don't really have a fix for this one. It's quite rare and when it does happen, I usually end up logging out and back in.

3. Unplug, go to power saving profile, watch panel lose transparency, have to clean out /var/tmp/kdecache

Okay, this one made me laugh. The reason why your panel became opaque is because kde switched your power profile when running on battery. This power profile probably disables desktop effects. You can keep desktop effects enabled (On an eepc 1015, I don't see a significant difference in battery life eitherway) and change other things by going to System Settings and looking in the power kcm.

4. Connect to an SMB share with Dolphin and watch it crash every single time.

Haven't seen this one and can't reproduce it. I have seen Dolphin choke on smb domains with spaces in their names, though.

Your point is valid --- while the fundamentals are strong, kde definitely needs more polish.


Submission + - Hacker rejects Sony due to their suing GeoHot (yfrog.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A hacker named Koushik Dutta was recently contacted by a Sony rep and offered a R&D research. His full answer is as follows:
"I appreciate that you reached out to me. The opportunity does sound very interesting! However, due [to] Sony's recent treatment of a fellow hacker, George Hotz (@geohot), I could not in good conscience work at Sony."
Nice going, Koush.

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