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Comment Ah, the rubber bible (Score 5, Interesting) 143

As a chemist, that was the one resource that everyone had.

Unlike software, you never needed to know whether it was the latest version.
However, this is a prime example of bloatware. The thing was so big and fat, it ceased to be a pocketbook. I think the last one I used had a version in the 70s.

Comment In the old days... (Score 1) 204

- many years ago, grad students used to use their university webspace to take grainy GIFs of papers (especially for papers that didn't so well with OCR, like chemistry papers) and publish them that way.
- about 17 years ago, I remember there being Livejournal communities dedicated to grad students sharing the PDFs of journal articles (once they became widely available)
- then people just started sharing proxy accounts to get the articles directly

nothing new here, just because it involves Twitter doesn't instill novelty to an old idea.

Comment Why do we still trust the manufacturer? (Score 1) 168

It's about time everyone had a long hard look at the software in their systems. Are they open enough for you to make the necessary fix should a problem arise?

I am by no means a tech geek, but I have DD-WRT on my routers because I can actually change the things I need the router to do. Disabling features in the interest of making more money in a higher end model is kinda dickish, but when you realize that the same dickishness (pardon the crude grammar) is likely responsible for hardcoded logins, it's a sad state of affairs.

Oh well.

Comment Credibility? (Score 5, Interesting) 264

I may be breaking the fundamental rules of Slashdot, but ...
- the "article" is a single post on a recently created blog
- they misspell "lose"
- a quick google of Brett Wooldrige doesn't bring up anything exciting (a Forbes blog account with no content?)

This is the very definition of "nothing to see here, move along".

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