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Comment Re:No Unity? (Score 0) 141

Unity is not perfect. But still it's usability is much better than original Gnome 2.x and (as I mentioned in my previous post) still better than Gnome 3.x. KDE/xfce/etc are not solutions either. Unity Dash with lenses, scopes simply rock and make work much faster and easier.

Comment Re:No Unity? (Score 0) 141

I think that the major problem here is compiz. Even Ubuntu devs have problem with it (Ubuntu 12.04 contains some pretty serious bugs related to compiz). It is baically unmaintained these days. But still. No Unity no Fedora for me.

Comment No Unity? (Score -1) 141

Too bad that there is no Unity for Fedora. I would like to give Fedora a try but I don't like that new Gnome (due to different Alt-Tab behavior and other annoyances).

Comment Re:Very Sad (Score 0) 441

I have another problem. For me Unity is simply great, I can't effectively use computer without it and because of that even If I would like to try some other Linux distribution I can't because Unity is available only on Ubuntu! That sucks!

Comment Re:Time for the Judges ruling? (Score 0) 475

You pay for the SERVICE not for the API. You could implement the same API but without the data their service is providing it would be useless...Also, Google DID NOT copyright those APIs, if you look carefully you will see that the whole API is a simple REST like webservice. There is nothing to copyright.

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