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Comment Re: Excellent news (Score 1) 123

These buzzwords, some years ago "SOA" and "EBS", and more recently " devops", are press invented jargon to try keep historically paper-based IT weeklies and more recently their web-based equivalents (infoq, the serverside, ... etc) and their advertisers afloat. More recently it's "microservices". Keep an eye out for that one now "devops" is "dead".

Comment Location matters (Score 1) 479

The Financial Industry gobbles up techies. In New York you'll have no problems finding a job if you have Java or C++ & maybe Python, and you'll be paid much more than other parts of the country (but you'll be living in less space). The Financial Industry won't frown on PHDs either.

If you aren't strong in any of those languages you need to become strong in at least one. Learn RDBMS (SQL) too if you don't have it. NoSQL DBs can help too but it is still less widely used/needed than traditional RDBMS. I suggest you build something to both increase your knowledge and show to employers in your downtime.

Comment Multiple monitors (Score 1) 312

In my current job I have four 20 inch monitors in a 2x2 square. Active apps (Eclipse and browser) go in the bottom two. Less active apps (email and SQL client) up the top. It will be very hard for me to go back to one or two monitors. If an employer isn't willing to provide your most productive set up then it's a sign to keep away from them.

Comment Re:community (Score 1) 326

I also suspected he meant Pres4242, but agree with you. He wasn't a troll, just lived in a strange reality. Tom Lord? I don't know how you can even suspect he was trolling.

I generally agree with bhima's well-written post though. The number of "Armageddon's coming, everyone grab their canned-food & guns" & general conspiracy theory stories was alarming. Reddit's the same way. Why is the Internets so delusional?

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