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Comment Re:Please stop bashing the UN (Score 1, Troll) 471

We really don't need any UN-bashing here. Slashdot is usually very good about this, I don't know how this story got through the editing process. Look, it's an inconvenient truth, one which should be quietly ignored. All they were trying to do was alarm people and get them to stand up and take notice, so we could do something about global warming. The fact that the prediction didn't exactly turn out the exact way it was said is immaterial. What's important is that we make progress on climate change legislation. Let's all remember in 2005, Kyoto wasn't a dead deal and there was a lot of room to influence the process in a positive direction.

Didn't turn out the exact way it was said? It turned out to be completely opposite. I'm all for a more environmentally conscious population, but these climate scare tactics are being used purely by corporations and academics to generate profit. (Carbon credits anyone? What a scam...)

Comment Re:Standing and fighting is for glass makers (Score 5, Insightful) 574

The rest of my defense would involve the army stripping down into civilian clothing the second the invasion hits and dispersing into the population with a plan, and giving everyone a (civilians included) gun.

Iran would never want their people to have weapons. The Iranian people would only use them to revolt against their own government.

Comment Re:Wouldn't it be against the rules anyways? (Score 2, Interesting) 390

This is exactly what has stopped me from viewing the documents. Currently they are considered classified. And it's a huge breach of the USMC and my current security clearance (which is high enough to view these documents anyways) to have any copies of these documents on my personal computer or any other computer that isn't secure.

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