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Comment simplicity (Score 1) 467

tl;dr bitch bitch bitch--but to be honest--keep doing what y'all are doing; it's working.

Abstractions of abstractions of abstractions....you can't even see the first turtle from the top.

Yes, I understand we get some functionality for the price we pay--but it seems to be the way of the rocket--90% of your fuel is expended just accelerating your fuel.
I've got (lemme see...) 12 VMs on my laptop right now--just because things don't play nice with other things or customers want development in specific versions.
So--yeah--I have no illusions the complexity is going away.

But, for all the fancy crap, the functionality is basically the same: Operator touches the screen. Conveyor starts running and knife starts chopping.
I click "send". Couple seconds later my Dad gets an email.
Things were so much simpler back then, and we don't seem to have any real advance in function.

Of course, I don't have to install a separate print and screen driver for each program.
And spend hours tweaking the EMM386 stuff in config.sys.

Well, that's the thing about nostalgia--some of our fondest memories never happened.

Comment The large print giveth... (Score 1) 172

Wife and I live in the boonies; satellite is slow and unreliable--but we do get a Verizon 4G signal. So... cancel satellite and just tether the phone?...
They say 1 line $80/mo Unlimited...

But...then...they tell you a little more... [comments in brackets are mine].

4G LTE only. We may manage your network usage to ensure a
quality experience for all customers [we will oversell it], and may prioritize your data
[no net neutrality] behind some Verizon customers during times/places of network
congestion [we will oversell it]. Not available for machine-to-machine services [not clearly defined].
Mobile hotspot/tethering reduced to 3G speeds after
10GB/month [not really unlimited]; domestic data roaming at 2G speeds [not really 4G either]. If more than 50% of
your talk, text or data usage in a 60-day period is in Canada or
Mexico [also not unlimited], use of those services in those countries may be
removed or limited. Discounts not available.

Comment 3 good leads (Score 5, Funny) 55

For those who haven't heard the joke (it's an old one):

Tommy O’Connor went to confession and said, “Forgive me father for I have sinned.”
“What have you done, Tommy O’Connor?”
“I had sex with a girl.”
”Who was it, Tommy?”
“I cannot tell you father, please forgive me for my sin.”
”Was it Mary Margaret Sullivan?”
“No father, please forgive me for my sin but I cannot tell you who it was.”
“Was it Catherine Mary McKenzie?”
“No father, please forgive me for my sin.”
“Well then it has to be Sarah Martha O’Keefe.”
“No father, please forgive me, I cannot tell you who it was.”
”Okay, Tommy go say 5 Hail Mary’s and 4 Our Fathers and you will be absolved of your sin.”

So Tommy walked out to the pews where his friend Joseph was waiting.

“What did ya get?” asked Joseph.
“Well I got 5 Hail Mary’s, 4 Our Fathers, and 3 good leads.”

Comment Nuclear Visa disupte (Score 1) 295

On *rare* occasions I've had products not arrive. Stolen? Delivered to wrong address? Don't care. Until I receive the product from the vendor, this is NOT my problem. Investigating failures of the vendor's delivery agent is also NOT my problem.

Most vendors realize that delivery is not complete until they can show it was delivered. Most of them will also take the risk to ship without signature; it's more convenient for them and their customers are generally happier with it. But it's their risk. If the delivery fails, usually calling the vendor and complaining will cause them to "reship" the product and require a delivery signature. In the rare cases this doesn't work, the below has worked for me 100% of the time.

Last time I had to do this was over a year ago, with bogus hotel charges, not package delivery. Vendor did eventually do what they were supposed to, but not before the Visa dispute. They knew they were wrong and tried to run out the clock. When the dispute went through they refunded to avoid a ding from Visa.

The statement at the end gets Visa out of any liablity; they do NOT care. Because if you're committing fraud, the vendor can go after you.

$Credit Card Issuer

Re: Visa $AccountNo: Dispute Transaction ID $TID

On $Date I ordered and paid for $Product from $Vendor using Visa $AccountNo.
The transaction ID for the purchase follows:

By $Date, $Vendor has failed to deliver $Product.

On $Date I contacted $[email address or phone number], representing $Vendor.
I explained that $Vendor has not delivered $Product after $Days and that the period to dispute the charge is running out, therefore I am following up the issue.
$Vendor is unable to confirm they have delivered $Product to me, however $Vendor has refused to refund $Price or to agree to deliver $Product by $Date.

I have therefore made a good$faith effort to resolve the issue with $Vendor.

I dispute Visa charge of $Price to $Vendor. Refer to Transaction ID above.

I affirm under penalty of perjury that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


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