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Comment A Solution? (Score 5, Interesting) 404

Here's what you do when you get one of these letters:

1) Deny that you have any of the records they are looking for.
2) Make sure that data (which you do have) is seriously protected.
3) They have no way to get the data from you now without either:
a. arresting you for not complying - in which case their secrecy is blown, so they won't do that
b. getting a court ordered warrant - in which case their secrecy is blown, so they won't do that
c. Getting all sneaky and stealing the data - see #2
d. Totally screwing you over and destroying your life - in which case their secrecy is blown because once your life is destroyed, you have nothing to lose by revealing the letter, so they won't do that
4) Dance

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 197

That's true, they don't tell us why. Why? Often they do not know themselves.

Though I have actually seen drug info sheets that specify the formula and then actually state outright that they do not know exactly why it does what it does (but hey, it works, so who cares?)

Comment Re:1984 (Score 1) 1238

I just wonder if, as you say, religious people originally accepted evolution, then why do they now reject it and why did they need to come up with this creationism? What makes sense to explain this is that evolutionists originally (at least in the schools) did not push the idea that evolution is incompatible with religion. Only when the idea infiltrated the school system that turned evolution into something of an atheist agenda were the religions pushed to act to protect their interests.

Historically, I know, evolutionists have been adamantly anti-religion, but that may not have always been true in how children were educated.

And perhaps if evolution could be taught as it was, allowing the possibility that some kind of "intelligence" was involved at the beginning of time (whatever that means), the Texans might be willing to teach the scientifically (assumed to be) correct version of natural history.

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