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Comment Finally??? (Score 4, Informative) 180

"Finally, someone has broken the 25+ year old too-many-open-windows-and-chaos desktop paradigm with UNR's task oriented layout."

Umm... tiling window managers have been around longer than non-tiling ones. You can blame apple for making windows overlappable. The 'task-oriented layout' is nothing new or innovative - see wmii, awesome, xmonad, dwm, etc. etc. (even fluxbox, with its 'tabs', actually) for examples of modern X11 window managers that offer similar functionality, plus much more...

Personally, I started using wmii a few months back and haven't looked back since.

Comment Re:I'd rather have 4/36 (Score 1) 1055

Only because the person decided to begin spending beyond their means. Taxes are not at fault here, poor money-management is...

I fail to see how the 'Government is holding them down', when they _know_ (or at least have the means to find out) how much they will be taxed, but still decide to drive themselves further into debt.

Comment "anti-vibration" damping?? (Score 1) 125

Having seen this, I wonder what effect the 'anti-vibration' rubber grommets that are used on most modern desktop PC hard drive bays have on disk latency. After all, they stop vibrations being transmitted into the case my allowing the HDD itself to vibrate more and damping the movement as it reaches the case. Of course, having the HDD vibrate of its own accord is much better than having it resonate with another component in the case, so perhaps in some cases, the damping is beneficial to latency aswell.

In fact, I'm surprised that no-one has come up with a case in which all parts have a natural frequency that does not coincide with the speeds of modern hard disks, such that the case will vibrate with HDDs, but not resonate, which is where most sound problems (the reason for damping in the first place) come from.

Comment Re:CDs are still readable (Score 2, Informative) 805

From what I can discern from this, it seems that even if 'CD rot' does affect certain CDs, all of these CDS are of the pressed, as opposed to burnt, variety. AFAIK, there have been no reports of Philips CD-Rs failing in a similar way, and the manufacturing (including the data pressing/burning process) methods for both types of disc are different enough to rule it out as a cause for concern, aren't they?

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