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Comment I couldn't help it, I just got over it (Score 1) 396

I was a toy collector into my mid twenties. I felt completely comfortable spending a big hunk of cash on all the Transformers I wanted. In a way I felt like I was making up for all those toys I wanted from my childhood. But after a few moves, they started to look like useless trophies that were just collecting dust, and they got thrown out. Now I'm in my early thirties, and there's no toys in the house. Every now and then, I feel a twinge of nostalgia and browse the toy aisle at a department store. I wish I could say I could raise some excitement, but the only emotion I get is a slight feeling of embarrassment that I must look like some dodgy old guy lurking around. Maybe if I have kids I'll be able to live vicariously through them, but until them the toy store just doesn't have anything for me anymore.

Have Sockets Run Their Course? 230

ChelleChelle writes "This article examines the limitations of the sockets API. The Internet and the networking world in general have changed in very significant ways since the sockets API was first developed in 1982, but the API has had the effect of narrowing the ways in which developers think about and write networked applications. This article discusses the history as well as the future of the sockets API, focusing on how 'high bandwidth, low latency, and multihoming are driving the development of new alternatives.'"

Comment What Twitter really needs... (Score 3, Funny) 75

Is a way to graphically map what everybody ate for lunch. Since lunch data is about the maximum density of useful information that can be gathered by a collective of narcissists. There's valuable sandwich-related data mining to be had here. If we cross correlate it with people who say "NOM NOM NOM", we may just have found an audience dumb enough to sell *anything*.

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