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Comment Is US more prone to this? (Score 1) 158

Aren't Americans more susceptible to fake news for cultural reasons? Firstly, entitlement. Everybody is entitled without any reasonable responsibility to back the opinion up by facts and arguments.
Secondly, the for a developed country high percentage of religious folks who somehow are not only OK to ignore or even deny facts like evolution but even want it to be taught in science class. Critical thinking is not promoted or particularly valued.


Comment Aliens fear us (Score 1) 280

We're not quiet. Aliens will reason that we must have superior technology. They duck and hope we don't find them. Well, the truth is anyone's guess and this guess was mine.

Who at times thinks he hears aliens still laughing for a prank long time ago where they secretly pulled a dead corpse from a cave three days after he died.

Comment Re:Heathens! Pagans! This is the devil's work! (Score 2) 87

We remember these people for what they contributed to mankind, not for their superstitions.

Newton was into alchemy (and religion). I'd say he has wasted the rest of his life with it. But hey, it was his life so he got to spend it like he wanted it. I didn't have any right that he'd spend it the way I would have liked it anyway. But still, what a waste.


Comment Re:I agree, we need a worldwide initiative (Score 1, Troll) 446

They are elected because intelligent and honest people/republicans)don't put themselves on the ballot list because they know they don't stand a chance of getting elected: A sizeable portion of the electorate believes in fairy tales and uses (expressed) belief in creationism as a litmus test. If you don't want to lie, you don't get elected. If you do have the brains to understand that creationism is nonsense, you don't get elected.

Look at Trump catering to the religious right right now (promising to give christianity power, abolishment of a law that prevents churches from becoming supPACs, Pence).

If you want good politicians, everyone should start speaking up against stupidity instead of respecting opinions and feelings. Value truth instead, use the Golden rule for morals, instead of some book with contorted morals (slavery, misogyny etc.).


Comment Solution (Score 5, Interesting) 181

ATMs should have a camera (preferably 2, for stereo) looking at themselves. When there is no customer, take a picture and compare it to the base line one (when it was freshly installed/last inspected etc). If it has been tampered with, the bank can see the difference. A computer program can recognise the change. If they keep recordings, they can even see who did it.


Comment Re:perhaps more of a political choice (Score 1) 140

Despite the existence of problems of the type you mention, this doesn't go for all scientists.

In addition, science has a self-correcting mechanism, something no religion has.

That constant pull to compare everything with reality does get us results.

People should be taught the difference between faith and blind faith. Blind faith is when you bank on your parents being right about religion and not checking whether what you're told matches reality. Faith is what you can have after checking without confirmation bias. But religions are not happy to teach you the difference, something the true religion could easily do.


Comment Re:perhaps more of a political choice (Score 1) 140

There are fewer primates than humans, I think.
Also, the eggs are collected after IVF treatment (desired by the women concerned) and donated with their consent.
A primate would have to be subjected to an unnecessary medical procedure to collect the eggs.
I think the current situation is preferable.


Comment Re:Unbiased? (Score 1) 244

Well, it takes both many people and many years to prove a thing like this and have the results available for the FDA. A company has to start earlier than to have the final results in. Snake oil suggests the lack of any scientific basis, which is not the case here (well, I just noticed the buzz word telomeres, which indeed are a factor in cell longevity).

I'm inclined to let people decide themselves, but require the companies to be registered and requiring the basis for their treatment to be based in science, but no requirements as to effectiveness), with medical staff, and their work independently scientifically monitored. So, a company could offer the service for the number of years required to get some results, and (rich) people would have to pay all of it by themselves. If scientists establish that there is some genetic modification and the extent is in accordance with what the company says, the company can continue the service.


Comment Re: What about Scientology, then? (Score 1) 527

"Because, that is what the majority of abortions are, an inconvenience to a woman who could have made a different choice or done something a different way that would not have resulted in pregnancy."

Not being born and growing up in a culture where abstinence is promoted over practical information and proper availability of the pill etc. was not really a choice they had. There's more teen pregnancies in the US per capita and abortions than in countries with a more mature (less religion dominated) attitude towards sex.
Not every intercourse results in pregnancy. So, many women (and their sex partners) did exactly the same thing as those that did get pregnant. The only difference is they were lucky. But the pregnant ones apparently need some punishment/moral judgement from other people. Hm.


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