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Comment My thought... (Score 0) 227

My thought has always been that black holes are black because the particles they are made from move faster than the speed of light, therefore don't give off light radiation...same with the theory of Dark Matter/Energy....they all contain particles that have aspects that move FTL, and when crossing the FTL barrier means not that it doesn't have mass, that it abnormal mass... But what do I know, I'm not a scientist, or really all that smart. Meh...one of those theories I came up with decades ago after watching too much discovery channel.

Comment Costs too much for very little. (Score 1) 307

My family cell plan costs $65. No internet, no texting, no bull crap. I use it as a phone. She uses it as a phone. Sure beats the crap out of paying $130/mo for the same thing, that includes internet for a smart phone...and for what? So I can do stupid crap on a phone that I can do otherwise? Why bother? I have yet to see anything that a smart phone can do that says I gotta have one...especially considering the monthly upcharge to use one. My phone is the cheapest phone I could get under my plan. It was free, but, it's so no-frills that it probably cost more to ship than for the company that has my plan to purchase it...

Comment What about exterior/lobby outlets? (Score 1) 74

I have them on my house. Most businesses have them outside their doors. How easy would it be to just walk up to a building you want to crack....how many banks have wifi that touches the "real" network? How many of those have outlets in the lobby area or on the exterior of the building that's close enough for wifi? The potential for bad is far greater than for good...the thing should at least be required to make a beeping noise every couple minutes...

Comment Re:Am I the only one? (Score 1) 42

I agree that it would have to be something very adaptable to usage with cloud-based approached...still, even where I work (Oklahoma) we're on a tornado-prone area, and I work for a small "State and Local" government agency. We considered moving our datacenter to a location that is rated for EF5, flood proof, redundant this and that, and would safehouse our data entirely from any imaginable threat except nuclear. The costs were reasonable as well for what we'd co-locate...but what killed it was the need for bandwidth. Given our funding situation (current backlash against government spending, and my employer is a common target it seems for spending cutbacks) - having that additional cost per-month to have a live-failover location wasn't going to work for us. In the end, we did nothing about it...just we make sure our backups are good and send those off to an EF5 rated location...as we have for decades. Basically, what I'm saying is the same thing - that if your business model is such that having something like this in place, where it can be done, great, but, I imagine that there is a large customer-base that it's just not applicable. I fear that Amazon (and others) are taking a bit more of a "build it and they will come" approach, vs watching what the market will do and sustain. Right now, it's a buzzword...just like IPO and Web Site and Internet were a buzzwords in the 90's.

Comment Am I the only one? (Score 2) 42

Am I the only one that thinks that cloud computing is really NOT going to take off? Amazon is spending a boatload of money, in the hopes that other people are going to be willing to offload a boatload of money...in the hopes that they can process data faster/better/etc off-site. Just the security issues alone concern me, but the additional bandwidth is what really gets things going... Just saying - from a business perspective (and my perspective as a network admin), it seems that Cloud Computing is a 90's .com bubble that will pop in the near future...can Amazon (or any other company) REALLY offer a reduction in costs, or an increase in performance that justifies the (obvious increase in) cost, especially when you look at the whole package? I think not. Same reason not every company has made the switch on the backend to free server-level operating systems (FreeBSD or Linux, namely) - it doesn't matter if the platform may perform better in every regard or has inheritantly better security and even can do the job just as well or better...it gets rejected simply because the costs will increase - in the case of linux/unix, because the skillset to operate and maintain it is more rare and rare = higher price...and unlike a product you purchase (optionally) once like software...support/maintenance is annual. Cloud computing...would be annual, vs a piece of hardware you own, with software that you own the rights to use

Comment I use a drill press (Score 1) 206

I use a drill press, works wonderfully...if it's a metal platter, it gets a 1/2" hole through it...or two...or three...depending on the level of assured destruction the HDD needs to keep the data secure. The metal bits left over inside the casing are icing on the cake - a few dozen shakes with that and you're pretty much guaranteed that the data will be unrecoverable...or so much more of a pain in the rear to handle, that it'd just not be feasible at any cost. If it's glass, it shatters from the pressure of the drill bit, problem solved.

Comment Did they take cost into consideration? (Score 1) 611

For me, I find it crazy that internet costs $35/mo+ for my service (AT&T u-Verse) - and that is for the cheapest 3MB internet. I'd go cheaper if I could...I use it maybe 1hr a day at home during the week days and maybe 2-3 hours TOPS during the weekend - that's basically $3.18/hr that I'm paying out for internet access to do my home banking, watch a few youtube videos, do a little online shopping, and browse some forums. I've considered many times going without internet at home - simply because it's a cost that outweighs the gain. I feel the same way with TV.... ....and I work in I.T. - I find the majority of the consumer electronics nothing more than toys to distract people. Facebook, cell phones w/ internet...it's laughable that someone gets excited about the new iPhone, when they have a perfectly good one - one of my coworkers was giving everyone in the department a shipping update...twice a day. I perfectly understand the tech, I know of the advantages, but, really it's fairly pointless for the home consumer to have more than the minimum unless they are doing something that requires it...and by that, I mean like they are actually saturating their pipe and need more. Some people are into the mistaken belief that more bandwidth means less latency for gaming - which isn't the case...like my neighbor - top-tier internet by a competitor and plays online with his x-box, and he still complains of lag...but he keeps that fast internet thinking that if he downgraded, that it'd be worse.

Comment Re:This is second place (Score 4, Interesting) 1260

This could be done with any fraction represented as a repeating decimal.
The trip-up is that it's repeating...since we have no concept for infinity, and, that there's no method of resolving a fraction w/ repeating decimal...it's not an accurate representation of the fraction - that's the flaw.
Therefore, Fractions are Good. Decimals are Evil!
Good thing our banks, credit card companies, and governments don't use repeating fractions.

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