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Comment What is with this ad? (Score 1) 90

I will probably be flamed for this post but oh well.

What is with this ad? I'm used to running into posts that are mildly (or massively) offensive to women on slashdot. After all the population is almost exclusively male and it is to be expected. But to have something like this glaring at me from the front page is just a bit overboard even for slashdot.

Most ads are designed to deliver the message: there is this product that is common but then there is our product which is way cool and better in every way. Using that interpretation the ad on the slashdot home page reads: there are these women and they produce babies but if they were like our system they could parallelize this process and produce babies nine times as fast. The problem with this message is that:

1. Women aren't computers and to suggest that they are is mildly insulting

2. Women definitely aren't inferior to processors and shouldn't be portrayed as such

3. By putting things like this on the main webpage you are DISCOURAGING women to come to this site. I live on slashdot and as soon as I saw that ad I had to change my screen because I was embarrassed to have someone see me looking at it.

Disclaimer: I understand that the person who made the ad was not attempting to be insulting they were simply trying to make a point which is well illustrated. I just wish they had picked a different example.

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