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Comment Re:"...only show phones they think might sell." (Score -1) 435

Insightful? Clueless I'd say... I have tested iOS, Android and WP7 handsets and programmed for all of them. WP7 is way better than android form the user experience standpoint. It does not get to the iOS level, but is near there. The only problem the WP7 guys have is marketing and choice. They don't know how to sell it, and they don't have enough models to offer a decent choice. Some zealots in this forum trumpet often Microsoft's demise. Good luck with that.

Comment Re:Platform in-fighting (Score -1) 214

You can be sure some of us are. The sheer stupidity of google destroying itself via fragmentation and poor quality apps & user experience is mesmerizing. Even Windows Phone is going to get something of this. Let me tell you what's going to happen next: 1. Samsung will fork. We will have GAndroid and Sandroid. Ultimately Sandroid will win, because Samsung is going to get it right, while Gandroid is going to suffer from the same illness than it is suffering now. Some phones still don't get major releases in the middle of a giant clusterfuck of roms, carriers, and hardware makers, converting Gandroid in the perfect system for geeks and the ultimate user nightmare. 2. Everyone will pay dearly to Oracle for the Java licensing, as Microsoft did in previous times. 3. The tablet space for android does not exist at this time, properly. Let me say it again, people does not want tablets, they want iPads. The future challengers will be the Sandroid tablets and surprise, surprise... Windows 8 tablets. This is going to get one in the guts for the android fanbois, but they don't understand the dormant giant and its weight in the world. They never did. Most a pity. 4. Apple will reign supreme as the elite brand and best user experience for some years. Who knows how many, now that Steve's gone, but some they will. And we will eat the popcorn reading about all this in our Quad HD 3D iPads in this very site.

Comment Re:Christmas Niggers! (Score -1) 151

Black, White, Brown, Yellow People. You USA people have all kinds of colors for people. You are utterly stupid. Is it so difficult to not use colors for people, and talk just about people? I could not believe you still using what you call "ethnicity" and people must tell that. WTF????? You are a shame for the human race.

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