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Submission + - GCC goes Transactional Memory (

protozorq writes: In mid Nov. the GNU GCC project announced to support transactional memory (TM) in their future C/C++ compilers, currently available as experimental feature in the version 4.7.0 branch. The support mainly consists of a language extension to mark critical sections for transactions and a suitable Application Binary Interface (ABI) to attach appropriate compiler backends and their TM libraries (see Language extension and ABI are almost similar to those of the prototypical Intel compiler also supporting TM.
The Internet

Submission + - German spy chief threatens Wikileaks (

Anonymous Coward writes: "The head of Germany's equivalent to the CIA, the BND, has threatened Wikileaks with "immediate criminal prosecution" if it does not remove all "files or reports related to the BND". The spy chief claims to have already engaged the BND's legal team.
Last month an international scandal broke out after three BND secret agents were arrested and deported from Kosovo after photographing a recently bombed building in Pristina. The agents were accused of being behind the attack and their note books and electronic files seized by the notoriously corrupt Kosovo government.
The threats were triggered by the Wikileaks publication of an original article by a US journalist on the bungled Kosovo operation and a classified BND dossier on senior Kosovo figures from 2005--both of which were specifically named in the threat.
The BND, like the CIA, is forbidden by law to engage in domestic activities. Yet the threats, which were made in German as well as in English, hold no legal power outside of Germany. They must be assumed to be an attempt to engage Wikileaks via its German component.
The only other alternative is that it now BND policy to kidnap foreign journalists and try them before German courts. Perhaps Germany has learned something from the US after all?
Wikileaks has refused to remove the documents and has called for the head of the BND to resign."


Internet Group Declares War on Scientology 891

Darkman, Walkin Dude writes "An internet group calling itself Anonymous has declared war on the Church of Scientology, in the form of an ominous posting to the YouTube site. 'In the statement, the group explained their goal as safeguarding the right to freedom of speech. "A spokesperson said that the group's goals include bringing an end to the financial exploitation of Church members and protecting the right to free speech, a right which they claim was consistently violated by the Church of Scientology in pursuit of its opponents." The press release also claimed that the Church of Scientology misused copyright and trademark law in order to remove criticism from websites including Digg and YouTube. The statement goes on to assert that the attacks from the group "will continue until the Church of Scientology reacts, at which point they will change strategy".' It should be noted that Slashdot users have had interactions with Scientology in the past as well."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - XBOX360 hackers give a speech at Microsoft BlueHat

Alonso writes: The past week 3 of the most famous console hackers were invited to the Microsoft BlueHat Sessions of this year: Bunnie (XBOX, XBOX360 hacker), Felix Domke (GC, Wii, XBOX360 hacker) and Mist (XBOX Linux). These guys were part of the team that broke the XBOX360 Security System and anonymously published the February 2007 Xbox360 Hypervisor Priviledge Escalation Vulnerability, they are also the team behind the Free60 project (Linux and BSD on XBOX360). At that event they meets Dinart Morais who was the person in charge of the XBOX360 Security. The full story is at Bunnie's Blog, and has some pretty interesting pictures.

Submission + - Zimmerman Getting Heart Surgery

An anonymous reader writes: Phil Zimmermann has been experiencing difficulties with his heart and is slated for bypass heart surgery tomorrow. In true geek fashion, he's updating his status at I believe a moment's pause is in order for one of the veterans of the Crypto Wars.

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