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Comment Re:How About a Non-Cell Phone Users Bill of Rights (Score 1) 258

That's funny, I thought it was "100% of trolls give the rest a bad name".

Cell phone usage nationwide is on the order of 200 million subscribers, or roughly 2/3 of the US population. Since they aren't handing out cellphones to 3 year olds or the terminally old, that pretty much covers every adult in the US. Good luck getting a girlfriend that doesn't use a cellphone. Or a job. You can rage and complain all you want, but in the end we will crush your soul and dance on your Luddite corpse. MUAHAHAHA! (Err, where was I?) Oh right. I was pointing out the trollish absurdity of positing that 2/3 of the population are such horrible people as to deserve abuse for no reason.

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