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Submission + - AMD releases initial GPU specs (

mrcgran writes: "LWN.NET's corbet is reporting today: "As noted by David Airlie, AMD has made an initial set of specifications for ATI graphics processors available. These are 2D specifications, so they are not all that is needed to write a complete graphics driver, but they are a good start.""

Submission + - AMD releases 900 pages of ATI GPU specs (

Mad Merlin writes: "AMD has just released over 900 pages worth of ATI GPU specifications for R500 and R600 series graphics cards. These specifications will greatly expediate development of quality open source drivers for these graphics cards, and AMD should be applauded for this effort. Additionally, AMD has also released fglrx 8.41.7 which brings support for the HD2000 series graphics cards, and also improves the 3D performance of the R300, R400 and R500 series by 50-90% in comparison to previous fglrx releases."

Submission + - AMD frees ATI graphics hardware specs (

An anonymous reader writes: Check this out, corbet of LWN fame reports on a major happening at the Linux Kernel Summit. "AMD's representative at the summit has announced that the company has made a decision to enable the development of open source drivers for all of its (ATI) graphics processors from the R500 going forward. There will be specifications available and a skeleton driver as well;" Wohoo!!!

Submission + - Video Game Optimization - CPU & GPU Optimizati

EricPreisz writes: "Optimizing video games is an art form. is dedicated to the art of video game optimization. Optimizing video games is a right and left brained process that requires a deep understanding of hardware, api usage, tools, and techniques. has the following opinions about optimizing video games:
  • When optimizing video games, every PC is at a minimum dual core (GPU & CPU)
  • Optimizing the incorrect core, or parallel stage, can result in zero FPS gains
  • Optimizing anything other than the slowest bottleneck or hotspot is not an efficient use of our time
  • Optimizing hotspots smaller than 8% is waist of time
  • Optimization is NOT something we do ONLY after we write the code.
  • You can make a slow game in OpenGL or DirectX. An API is the interface to the hardware. This sight will focus on the hardware.
  • Big "O" notation works great on paper, today's algorithims run on complex hardware. My hardware bubble sort is faster than your software quick sort.
Go to this site..."

Submission + - British government slashes scientific research

asobala writes: The British Government has slashed the funding of scientific Research Councils by £68 million. The Research Councils most affected by this include the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, which has been hit by a £29 million reduction in funding, and the Medical Research Council, which is seeing a £10.7 million reduction in funding.

The response of the BBSRC biological research council announces that the council will have to cut 20 new grants and reduce expenditure on new equipment.

This could have major effects on the research output of the UK.

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