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Comment Re:How About Killing E-Mail Attachments Altogether (Score 1) 125

Your Security policy allows you to put work files into 3rd party "cloud" services? That's soooo nice for you. I'd love to get rid of email attachments, but i cant see it happening, unless there is something else that allows drag and drop easy file transfers (not FTP because port 21 is always blocked already) and stays within our network.

Comment Re:So Floor It ! (Score 1) 330

Same here in Adelaide, Australia.

Fixed Red Light and Speed camera's worked at reducing accidents at many major intersections. So the Local Government jacked up the fines massively to compensate so that they could keep their revenue stream.

6 months ago I was tired after a long day and accidentally went through a red (0.5 sec late, before the other lights turned green) and got a $480 fine!!!!!

Comment Social Engineering (Score 1) 42

This seems more a case of social engineering than exploiting the lack of SMS security.

The main Issue as I see it is that Vodafone ported over the number to a new phone, while talking to an unverified person. They may have verified him, but only with some weak details that were publicly available.

/. always reaches for the tech solution first.

Obligatory - http://xkcd.com/538/


Submission + - The Truth About 'Rock-Star' Developers (infoworld.com)

snydeq writes: "You want the best and the brightest money can buy. Or do you? Andrew Oliver offers six hard truths about 'rock-star' developers, arguing in favor of mixed skill levels with a focus on getting the job done: 'A big, important project has launched — and abruptly crashed to the ground. The horrible spaghetti code is beyond debugging. There are no unit tests, and every change requires a meeting with, like, 40 people. Oh, if only we'd had a team of 10 "rock star" developers working on this project instead! It would have been done in half the time with twice the features and five-nines availabilty. On the other hand, maybe not. A team of senior developers will often produce a complex design and no code, thanks to the reasons listed below.'"

Comment Windows live login (Score 1) 470

I'm quite surprised that no-one's commented on using Windows Live login to access your PC. Everyone's too busy complaining about the metro interface (which I agree sucks). But considering the privacy minded folks here, having windows force you to use the Windows Live login for everything is akin to Google linking all their databases together.

Comment Pay Wave (Score 2) 194

I get strange looks at the checkout these days when the staff see my credit card with a hole Drilled right through the RFID chip.

When I got my new card it came with this "Pay Wave" feature which they claim is more secure and also convenient (wireless).

EXCEPT that for any EFTPos purchase less than $100 you dont need to enter a PIN.

Basic Security is that you should have a Physical Thing and a secret.

This removes the secret! Hence anyone in possesion of my card can repeatedly buy $100 worth of stuff with my money, and most likely before I have a chance to report it stolen. whereas they are extremely unlikely to guess my pin in 3 attempts before its gets locked out or I report it stolen.

Now I know that the bank has insurance etc and will pay it back. but why need to go through all that hassle when its so easily prevented by existing means.

Comment Tried similiar in South Australia recently (Score 1) 219

Tried similiar in South Australia recently.

I believe that it got smacked down fairly quickly as the timing was also related to local elections.

People argued that if free political speech is restricted when each comment can be assigned and recorded against your name, people will never say anything for fear of reprisal and that leads to a dishonest discourse.

Comment Re:Arse about (Score 1) 436

I live in Adelaide in Australia and we have had an automatic dynamic traffic light system in place for over 25 years. I worked in the Dept of Transport here 15 years ago and was involved in updating the timing along the links for increased traffic volume.

Every intersection has inductive sensors in the road to count cars and then the system adjusts the timing within a certain profile for that road depending on if it is morning or evening peak hours, middle of the day or night.

Usually once you hit one red light within a linked section you'll arrive at the next set just as it goes green.

I agree that Jerk drivers can mess up the system by going 80 in a 60 zone and then having to stop start and cause temporary bottleneck's, but its their own fuel they are wasting and if you drive normally they really wont affect you that much.

Comment downloaders still see your Product (Score 1) 228

I am for product placement.

How many of your favorite new shows have been impatiently cancelled in the last couple of years because the first few episodes didn't meet ratings targets, and hence didn't get the requisite advertising money. eg Drive from a few years ago (cancelled after 2 ep), or the recent Chaos that was (cancelled after 3rd).

Product placement allows the Producers of the show to get paid for their advertising regardless of where/when it is viewed. This would allow "pirate" downloads of TV shows to be counted in ratings for advertising purposes and therefore supply needed funding to well made shows that have a large fanbase that don't all watch it on TV at the time you broadcast it.

Comment Re:So people skills win again... (Score 1) 298

As well, a perfect manager is, in many ways, like a perfect sysadmin - if he does the job really well, arranging the work process such that his reports don't even see the bumps on the road ahead, he's largely invisible. And that can be a problem when it comes to recognizing said job.

I would agree wholly with that.

And then realise that a manager really is a Sysadmin. But the System they administer is made up of staff with various tools and skills at their fingertips.

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