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Comment Re:After trying to sell phones... (Score 1) 176

I recall couple years ago Fry's didn't have some 10k resistors, I was shocked to find out RS did have em, I think it was $2 for 5, but I needed them so I could finish my project over the weekend, since then it looks like Frys realized there was a market for the DIY maker, and their selection of shields and components grew. Also I found a surplus spool of 10k resistors for $10 I don't think I will ever run out.

Comment Re:You need unlimited data on T-Mobile (Score 1) 61

I thought you were only deprioritized if you go over your limit and it is a time of congestion. To give other customers a fair chance at access.

From their site

Fine print
"Qual’g plan req’d. On all T-Mobile plans, if congested, top 3% of data users (>28GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds due to prioritization. Sales tax & regulatory fees included in mo. service price"

Comment Malware through HDMI Cable (Score 1) 295

I guess it is possible to infect a TV through the HDMI cable if it acts as an Ethernet cable, but can it infect it through the other bits that flows through it? Maybe something in CEC or a video/sound that causes an buffer overflow.

Just wondering what else that HDMI cable can transport. There are devices that filter out stuff like HDCP, maybe need device to filter CEC.

Comment Re:VMs for Windows (Score 1) 256

If you are doing CLI stuff you can have the customer ssh to your box with the port forwarding features and create a reverse telnet for you to access their system.

If you are doing GUI stuff you can have the customer ssh to your box and port forward VNC. VNC can use a non system account for authentication.

When an application owner needs help on a server, I have them run "screen" with -m and have them put my ssh key in their authorized keys file so we can look together at what they are trying to do.

Comment Re:Double your storage by making a hole. (Score 1) 201

Hehe, thanks, I think.

I thought I could punch a hole in 5.25" and get more storage for my Color Computer 2 disks like how others mentioned, but I recall doing it with 3.5" going from 720k to 1,44M.

I did it because I used to live on an island with limited computer resources.

Comment Intel Iot stuff is pricey (Score 1) 81

I just read an article how an Intel product (the don't deserve more advertisement here but it is a measurement of energy) . I should have skipped to the end of the article where there was the price. $369... wow, I could get 10 Pis, heck how about more than 70 Pi zeros, or more than 30 C.H.I.P.

Not sure who they are marketing this to.

Comment How About Bluetooth Keyboards (Score 1) 85

I know you can pair blue tooth devices, but are newer versions of blue tooth like 4.0 encrypted and protected against someone listening in?

Also does encryption reduce battery life on the keyboard? I stopped using 2.4Ghz wireless keyboards when someone in my house and I interfered with each others keyboards. Since then we have pretty much gone wired. But I would like a wireless keyboard for a PC connected to our TV.

Comment Re:Slashdot should condone piracy (Score 1) 66

Is there a model of copyright similar to kickstarter where I can produce something and charge for it, and when I make X amount of dollars for it it gets released as open source or creative commons.

As the content author, it would cover costs and maybe give me some reward if it is worthy, it would give people willing to pay more a first crack at my content. Eventually it will get pirated anyway but if it ends up in creative commons or similar anyone can get it.

The theory is that if my work is recognized as good, people willing to pay will get a head start on the story line, tech or knowledge, if it gets accepted then people initially interested can still take advantage of the product later on. Forces me the content maker to keep producing, but I do get some sort of reward that will keep me going by paying bills.

If it is bad, I either improve my product, lower the price, or give up.

Some stuff I was thinking of was like financial information, sports reporting, enhancements to products, product reviews. In a way, I think this is already done with bug bounty programs.

Submission + - SPAM: Piracy Saved History

kamaaina writes: A radio station KIRO in the 1940's needed to time shift some of the CBS radio broadcasts during World War II. But they were prohibited from doing so because KIRO was an affiliate of CBS. They did it anyway, on lacquered disks, so they could replay the East Coast broadcasts for the people on the West Coast at a reasonable time.

Years later these disks were discovered and its historical value realized.

Is the take away that we should Pirate to Preserve History?

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