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Journal Journal: Warts and all, I love you.

OK, I admit it... I've been to anti-slash. I've chuckled right alongside your sworn enemies as another topic goes commentless except for trolls, I have scorned and mocked you when spelling and grammar errors hit the front page, and I have seethed with frustration when a moderator turns petulent because the users - the customers - the fans - had the audacity to expect better than yet another duplicate post of a duplicate story.

These things suck. But everyone and everything else sucks and, like Linux, Slashdot sucks less. Kuroshin? Teenage leet haxors who still think racism is funny. Digg? Trained monkeys that repeatedly click what they are told to click in order to get another dose of sedatives. We Hate Tech? Hell, we rip off everything from here and Fark!

Sure, most days you barely serve up "Trivia for Nerds" and "Stuff that sort of matters to the advertisers", but the simple fact is that geeks like me have nowhere else to go. Now hurry up and fix what's broken... we hate feeling guilty for liking it here.

User Journal

Journal Journal: First Post!

Since Slashdot was nice enough to provide this free forum, I've decided to put something here. Don't check it very often, though, because most of my writing appears here and here. Browsing those two "blogs" should tell you most anything you need to know about me.

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