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Comment so have the script wirters actually read the book? (Score 3, Insightful) 457

Have the script writers actually read the book and understood it or are they just going to go by the movie and what today's self entitled individuals want? Just try to tell someone now that they have to put in 2 years of civil service to vote or hold certain jobs and they will claim it is facist, racist, sexist or some type of istism as 2 years of any type of service would interfere with their lives.

Comment Results already determined (Score 1) 502

definitely a PR stunt just read the wording in Defense Weekly "To gauge the joint strike fighter's ability to perform in a close-air support role, the Pentagon's top weapons tester has declared the sleek new fighter jet must face off against the lumbering A-10".

Sleek, new, jet fighter
lumbering A10

hmm words have as much power as depleted uranium 30mm rounds.

Submission + - Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship to Cross Atlantic Without a Crew (

Zothecula writes: If you should encounter a crewless ship out on the Atlantic Ocean in a few years, don’t worry about it being the ghostly Flying Dutchman it may be the Mayflower, however. No, not the square-rigger that brought Pilgrims to America, but the Autonomous Research Ship (MARS). Plans call for the wind- and solar-powered trimaran to sail itself from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2020 – the 400th anniversary of the original ship’s journey – carrying out a variety of research projects along the way.

Comment Did you read the entry? (Score 1) 213

So did you read the part in the entry that says " ancillary rights such as merchandising contract rights, as well as the original 35mm master elements, are owned today by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Warner has owned Superman publisher DC Comics since 1969."? Monetizing it and making money from it may be considered merchandising.

Submission + - Cisco's two presidents resigning (

alphadogg writes: Cisco’s co-presidents plan to resign on the eve of the company’s new CEO taking the reins. Rob Lloyd and Gary Moore will step down July 25 as incoming CEO Chuck Robbins implements a flatter organizational structure. Lloyd, president of development and sales, and Moore, president and COO, were tabbed for those posts two-and-a-half years ago by outgoing CEO John Chambers to better align product development and sales, and to streamline company operations.

Comment $86 fare? Won't last long. (Score 2) 515

The fare may be at $86 at first, then when they realized that they are losing money to self driving vehicles and people that want to be able to sight see and go when they want to go instead of when the train is scheduled they will do something about it. Most likely putting tolls on the connecting highways and keep on increasing them until they get the traffic they expect on the rails. Then of course the train fare will be increased to make more money as the fare setting authorities see the power and market value they now have.

Submission + - Ebola virus found to be defective zombie virus (

kallen3 writes: The Center for Disease Control has announced that the Ebola virus originated as a zombie virus but has mutated to it's present form. What is a concern to many epidemiologists though is that there are some indications that not all strains of the zombie virus has mutated into a form of Ebola. Dr. Moreau of the CDC says that there are indications in local folklore that there are zombies wandering the back country in those countries currently affected by the Ebola strain of the zombie virus. The current concern that Dr. Moreau has is that those infected by the Ebola strain being brought back to their home country may spread the Zombie virus if the Ebola strain mutates back to it's original form.

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