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Comment Re:Let's just do away with sales tax (Score 1) 949

As an example, you can look just slightly north to Oregon. No sales tax, and a relatively high income tax just like the GP wanted. The result? Incredibly volatile state revenue, and large budget cuts whenever the economy has a downturn. In fact, a frequently proposed solution to that is the much more stable sales tax.

Comment Re:Placebo (Score 1) 117

That doesn't necessarily sound like a placebo to me. I certainly don't know what medicinal properties black seed oil might have, but it is a concentrated extract of whatever the "black seeds" are, much like many traditional drugs. There may not have been controlled double-blind studies yet, but that doesn't mean it isn't effective. Histamines are a known cause of headaches, so it isn't an unreasonable claim that an anti-histamine could help.

Homeopathic remedies, on the other hand, are diluted to the point of not containing any of the curative substance, and have been proven not to work. That's a placebo.

Comment Re:Well, yes and no. (Score 1) 121

This additional 32 dB of gain would greatly increase the range of the 2.4 GHz system over the VHF system, and would be available all the time -- making for a suitable Internet connection.

Unfortunately, the additional path loss more than makes up for the antenna gain over long distances, so the benefits are much smaller than you might expect. Beyond 25 miles or so, VHF is going to have less loss, even accounting for the antenna gain. That's part of the reason that low frequencies are preferred for broadcasting.

Comment Re:I Won't (Score 1) 390

So when were people required to put on pants before leaving the house?

No thanks, too much hassle. I will just stick to not wearing them.

This is Slashdot - are you sure you didn't mean

"I'll stick to not leaving the house"?

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