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Comment How to make money in film (Score 1) 403

Step 1: Take series that people already have a connection to, getting around having to do so on your own.
Step 2: Get rid of everything but the basics of the storyline, including what people liked about the series in the first place.
Step 3: Try to reinvent the wheel using the same paint job of the original.
Step 4: Release the movies and hope that the fans connection to the previous movies will push them into seeing it, even though it gets bad reviews.
Step 5: Find new series, rinse and repeat.

Comment Re:Because Gay People Make You Gay (Score 1) 1182

Where did I say I was speaking about Christians in my comment?

Yes it is generally agreed upon that all Christians sin in one way or another, but not all sins are equal in the eyes of the Church/culture you live in. For example, materialism (idolatry) is not seen as serious a sin as murder; even though they are both in the ten commandments.

Also please read my comment again and you will see that I am discussing how branding someone immoral opens the door to making someone the "other" and more easily discriminated against because of that.

Comment Re:Because Gay People Make You Gay (Score 3, Insightful) 1182

I agree whole heartedly that the post was very hypocritical, but it did have some truth to it. Moral and immoral are ways to label what is seen as correct and incorrect to do/think/associate with/etc in a certain culture. When someone is doing something immoral, they are automatically in one's perspective, put in a different sphere than those who are seen as moral people. This creates an "us v.s them" mentality which is the first step in dehumanizing a person/group. Now it depends on how the culture around someone deals with immoral people/groups, which gives a guideline for the extent to which the dehumanizing occurs. These dichotomies are the seeds of dehumanization which everyone adheers to, to a certain extent. For example, I know if I were to meet someone who was convicted of pre-meditated murder, I would think of them differently than I would someone who wasn't. It is neither a good or bad reaction. Just human nature.
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Submission + - The Unravelling of the Global Warming Crisis

An anonymous reader writes: The United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and hundreds of government agencies and environmental groups around the world claim that the science is settled and the time for debate is over. But the list of distinguished scientists who question the IPCC grows daily.

Submission + - Shuttle Workers Vote to Strike (orlandosentinel.com)

stoolpigeon writes: "A union representing 570 space shuttle program workers at the Kennedy Space Center voted to strike Saturday, less than a week before the planned launch of the shuttle Atlantis. The International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers, which represents the United Space Alliance employees, rejected the company's contract offer Saturday morning, Florida Today reported. The union could strike as early as June 9, a day after NASA officials plan to launch Atlantis. It was unclear Saturday whether the vote to strike could affect the launch schedule."

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