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Comment What was the question again? (Score 1) 109

What does licensing have anything to do with performance? If NVIDIA released an open source driver for their hardware, then open source drivers would win the performance shoot out. Their drivers will always be better than reverse engineered drivers (open source or not). The question really is, if you care about licenses and gaming performance, what hardware will fit the "good enough/open enough" requirement?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Paid Posts

kaka.mala.vachva writes: Today on Slashdot I observed "Paid Posts" in brown. I don't object to them, they seem unobtrusive and I appreciate that the site needs to be ad-supported. However, in the spirit of Slashdot, I suggest that we, the Slashdot masses, be allowed to comment on the ads. What say you?

Submission + - $70k Salaries Didn't "Backfire"; Gravity Payments' Profits Have Doubled

AmiMoJo writes: In April, Dan Price, CEO of the credit card payment processor Gravity Payments, announced that he will eventually raise minimum pay for all employees to at least $70,000 a year. The move sparked not just a firestorm of media attention, but also a lawsuit from Price’s brother and co-founder Lucas, claiming that the pay raise violated his rights as a minority shareholder. But six months later, the financial results are starting to come in: Price told Inc. Magazine that revenue is now growing at double the rate before the raises began and profits have also doubled since then. On top of that, while it lost a few customers in the kerfuffle, the company’s customer retention rate rose from 91 to 95 percent, and only two employees quit. Two weeks after he made the initial announcement, the company was flooded with 4,500 resumes and new customer inquiries jumped from 30 a month to 2,000 a month.

Comment Editors, please proof read submissions! (Score 3, Insightful) 113

I don't expect everyone to have perfect English (I don't), but editors should do some proof reading before they post articles. The vulnerabilities were discovered by 8 scientists *who* documented them in their research. or better yet: These vulnerabilities were discovered and documented by 8 scientists as part of their research.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 2) 64

Not all information on the card is plain text. See BrianKreb's comment on the reporting site. Quoted here: It’s not all on the boarding pass. Read the story. Some airlines treat frequent flyer codes as semi-secret, and redact them from boarding passes and email communications, but leave them in plaintext on the barcode. The story gives one example.

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