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Comment Granular permissions to apps (Score 1) 64

I switched away from Android a while ago, mainly because I could not control permissions individually per app. E.g., I couldn't install a news app and just deny access to my location - I could say yes to all permissions and install, or no to all permissions and skip installation. Will that be addressed?

Submission + - U.S. solar industry power generation jobs pass oil, coal and gas combined (

Lucas123 writes: In 2016, the solar workforce in the U.S. increased by 25% to 374,000 employees, compared to 187,117 electrical generation jobs in the coal, gas and oil industries. Solar employment, which includes both photovoltaic electricity and concentrated solar steam generators, accounts for 43% of the electric power generation workforce — the largest share of workers in that sector. Fossil fuel generation employment now accounts for 22%. In addition to losing ground in employment, net power generation from coal sources declined by 53% between 2006 and September 2016; electricity generation from natural gas increased by 33%; and solar grew by over 5,000% —from 508,000 megawatt hours (MWh) to just over 28 million MWh.

Comment Should I care? (Score 3, Interesting) 316

I don't see this as a downside at all, or even an upside for that matter. Should I care? I don't like to own dvds, I rarely watch the same movie multiple times. If I can rent and watch it, so much the better - less cost, less waste. Clearly, I'm not alone in this, given the figures. If dvd sales are replaced with streaming rentals, who is affected adversely? Apart from the handful of companies that produce the dvds and their packaging?

Comment Hah! Sure, blame the players .. (Score 1, Insightful) 70

"PC players who completed the download of .37.2 and then started a new game save will have a corrupted saved game," wrote Brian Ekberg, Forza's community manager, in a forum post. "Avoid creating a new saved game on .37.2, and only play on .35.2 to avoid this issue. As long as you have an existing save and have not created a new one on .37.2, your saved game will work correctly once the update is available." Riiight - it is completely Forza's responsibility to restore saved games in this case.

Comment Are permissions fixed yet? (Score 0) 26

I finally moved away from Android this year - mainly because I still could not turn off permissions per app. I could not, for example, allow GPS for Google Maps and disable it for Yelp. I know Cyanogenmod has something similar to this, but I cannot install Cyanogenmod on my work phone.

Comment Re:Why is this bad? (Score 1) 228

Ding ding ding! I agree, I do not understand why this is bad. When my grandfather went to school, he was a rarity in rural India. My father went to school - he did well, and learned more than his father. I went to school, and learned more than my father. My son did kindergarden last year, and definitely learned more than I did at his age. And this is how things are and should be. Each generation should learn more than what the previous one did. And I don't think my son (or indeed, any of the other kids in his class) found kindergarden particularly onerous. Like all kids, they had their pluses and minuses - some learned to read really early, while others were good at problem solving. W.r.t summer holidays - I personally think a much better approach would be to have multiple smaller holidays through out the year.

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