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Submission + - GDC:Koji Igarashi says 2D Gaming Will Never Die

njkid1 writes: "So this afternoon, in the rush between last day proceedings at the GDC and the attempt to catch a well-timed BART train to catch my flight, I was able to attend the Light and Darkness: 2-D and 3-D Gaming Session, led by famed Konami producer Koji "IGA" Igarashi. While he explained how 3-D appealed to the general public, he explained how developing a 2-D game would be for the better...and why the medium still has hope yet.During the 45-minute presentation, Igarashi broke down the major differences between 2-D and 3-D platforming, using Castlevania images and videos to point out each of these plusses and minusses. With 3-D, for instance, a player can navigate past guillotine blades much easier, compared to 2-D. 2-D also minimizes the presentation on-screen, but allows for more concentrated use of pixel art, making the game easier to develop than models for a 3-D game. He went through this very thoroughly, even discussing smaller aspects like how the team members got involved and would become discouraged going the wrong way with a game's development. gdc-iga-says-2-d-gaming-will-never-die?&ncid=AOLGA M000500000000009"
United States

Submission + - Congressman: colleges are nests of piracy

Prescott writes: Hollywood's congressman, Rep. Howard Berman of California, has announced that his subcomittee will be accelerating its hearings on piracy at American colleges. More troubling, he is getting ready to go after what he is calling the 'hypocrisy' of American colleges and Universities. 'Unfortunately, many schools have turned a blind eye to piracy,' Berman said. 'I don't doubt that there are legitimate issues that universities must grapple with, including privacy and cost concerns. However, when a university such as Purdue tells the AP that it rarely even notifies students accused by the RIAA because it is too much trouble to track down alleged offenders — such inaction is unacceptable.'

Submission + - A Cure for AIDS (but only on Thursday)

Dekortage writes: Yahya Jammeh, the president of Gambia, claims he can cure people infected with HIV/AIDS — but only on Thursdays, and only if they stop taking anti-retroviral (ARV) drug therapy. At least, that's what Spiegel International and The New York Times are reporting this morning. From the article: "Jammeh explains that the method, based on the healing properties of seven herbs and Koranic prayers, is 'foolproof.' While he prefers to perform the healing sessions in public in front of TV cameras, he's willing to grant religious and social dignitaries private audiences." Apparently thousands of infected Gambians believe him and are waiting to be cured.

Submission + - RIAA going after Colleges

Pojut writes: "The Washington Post has an article on the RIAA increasing the number of letters out to colleges and college students around the country demanding that action be taken against the student's that have contributed nearly 1.3 billion downloads a year. In addition, they are asking (once again) that schools block access to services which allow such downloads. In many cases cases, there are threats of litigation.

From the article:

"At schools that don't institute or enforce such policies, some students might be getting mail from the trade group. Last week, the RIAA sent 400 letters to students at 13 colleges warning them that they will either have to pay up for illegally downloading music or face a lawsuit."

URL: le/2007/03/08/AR2007030801895.html"

Submission + - Cattle Produce More Greenhouse Gases Than Cars

An anonymous reader writes: has an article covering a letter that PETA sent to Al Gore. The letter points out that rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases that driving cars. PETA sites a U.N. report to support their case. Will Al Gore put his mouth where his mouth is and become vegetarian?

Submission + - TiVo abandoning subscribed users, update too hard?

jbridges writes: TiVo claims it's too difficult to upgrade Series 1 TiVos to correct for the new Daylight Savings rules.

Series 1 TiVos run on standard Linux, and use software for Daylight Savings.

Series 1 DirecTiVos (same platform, made for DirecTV) have had their software upgraded with the DST Fix.

Series 1 TiVos will still function partially, but will have the wrong date/time during the time between old DST and new DST. This will cause all manual season passes to break, and make the manual guide wrong.

This is getting close to boat anchor mode... time to upgrade to a DVR PC?

Discussion at the TiVo Community about the Non-Upgrade

Submission + - World of Warcraft does Fair Trade

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock writes: "World of Warcraft — a hotbed of ethical discussion? A series of unofficial new ads for ethical trading charity Fair Trade, made in World of Warcraft and The Sims 2, is hoping to turn millions of Orcs, Night Elves and Drenai (not to mention poor Sims stuck in rooms with no toilets) on to ethically traded chocolate, coffee, and other products."
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Second Life, Nazis, And Exploding Pigs.

wetelectric writes: The first night I arrived at the protest against the Second Life headquarters of Front National, the far right French political party of Jean-Marie Le Pen, it was ringed on all sides by protesters with signs to wave and statements to distribute. By the second night I came (this was late last week), the conflict had become more literal, for many Residents had armed themselves. Multi-colored explosions and constant gunfire shredded the air of Porcupine, a shopping island which FN had inexplicably picked for the site of their virtual world HQ, in December.
— Second life makes jeebus cry.

Submission + - Geothermal Energy Trumps all Others

guetenburg writes: "This story in MIT News and attached paper about the opportunities for Geothermal Grid Energy are significant and game changing. According to the Authors, we have the capability and resources in the USA to produce ten times our current energy needs using existing technology in geothermal. In my opinion, the country should be focusing on Geothermal Energy and Electric Vehicles. "
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Epic Threatens over Custom Gears of War Figure

An anonymous reader writes: It shouldn't always be Sony making stupid PR mistakes ... today the award goes to Epic Games for sending a 'cease and desist' letter to Emilio Lopez for creating a nice little Gears of War Munny as Christmas present for his cousin. Note that only one was made, and it has never been offered for sale or made any profit of it. All the logos etc that were used on the box were taken from the fan site pack Epic gave out. Even if they maybe have a valid legal standpoint it's just 'not done' to bug your fans like this if you ask me, certainly not after hyping the game like they did with fan packs and what not.

Submission + - Revolutionary Robotic Satellite Launches Tonight

airshowfan writes: "When a geosynchronous satellite is launched into space, no human ever gets to touch it again, so other than for minor software issues, there is no way to fix it if it breaks, so it has to work perfectly, almost autonomously, for 20 years non-stop. There is also no way to refuel it once it's out of thruster fuel, the reason why it can't last more than 20 years even if it gets to that mark working very well, with batteries and solar cells still going, which is often the case. If only there were a robotic spacecraft floating around the geostationary ring that could change broken satellite components and refuel those older satellites, then satellites would be a lot less risky and would last a lot longer. Does this robotic satellite mechanic sound like science ficion? It launches tonight."

Submission + - College Co-Op Programs and CS Courses

Red Cape writes: "I'm a student looking at colleges. Specifically Penn State's IST Program and Drexel and Pittsburgh's Computer Science Programs. I want to go in to the Computer Security business, but I also want some real experience. Not limited to the ones mentioned, what colleges do Slashdot users know with good co-op programs? Please explain why they're so good. Also, I'm good at a nice amount of languages(C++, Java, PHP, Perl, etc), is there a way to choose CS courses that won't bore me to death?"

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