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Comment Re:Israel has nuclear weapons. (Score 1) 569

Very true about the wounded pride. But I do say, as a first gen american of iraqi descent, the people where my blood come from are seriously entrenched in very old ways and generally stuck in the past and have a closed minded mentality. Religon is seriously part of society in the middle east as it is integrated with the culture. It does not help that most governments in that region are completely corrupted. It will take serious change from the people themselves to have an effect 50 years from now. The state of things just saddens me.

Comment Re:You have removed all doubt (Score 1) 767

I feel like there is a breed (most?) of designers that think that design is the final gift from God. The problem is that they seem to not realize that software design happens beyond a pretty UI. Or even a well structured design spec and a good UI to display that. They don't seem to get that what is under the hood involves a lot of design skills. Design isn't making stuff look good and feel good to use. That is a specific subset of design (UX design, UI design, etc.). Design is a creative and decision making process. Design under the hood is of paramount importance. Software designers, architects etc are always making design decisions. Unfortunately a lot of developers don't feel or think that they are actually designers.

So this jackass in the end is correct, design is king. But he unfortunately does not know what design actually is.

Comment Re:There's an option that's much closer to approva (Score 1) 407

fuck a pill, RISUG is a cheap, painless procedure. I think it can solve all unwanted pregnancy if it not artificially over priced in the US. It is in stage 3 human trials in multiple countries now. Also, no way do I wanna take something that can chemically or hormonally affect me. I feel bad when my gf has to be on birth control as it is the best option currently.

Comment Re:Mostly a matter of preference. (Score 1) 342

Are there any tools out there that allow the hacker type access to design tools in a way that isnt a hinderance to someone who can't follow the advice of wizards, as they are silly folk? I come from an art and design background but I'm also a programmer and like to do web dev in code. Before I got into programming I would use something like dreamweaver but I never enjoyed it. The best things I have has experience with are stuff like Aptana/Eclipse. Having an environment to manage the project is probably the main reason I use such an IDE. Dreamweaver tries to be an IDE but its so ugly and the workflow is horrible. I think there just needs to be better code completion or some kind of static analysis for a web project. I think I'm starting to ramble now...

Comment Re:Good news everyone! (Score 1) 433

another reason that helps apple get less pirated or have less security holes is because for the most part all the users upgrade to the new version of iOS upon release. Android does not do this. 90% of users are using 2.3.3 or older. ICS and JB users are like 6-7%. So all those nice security features in JB are only available to a small number.

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