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Comment Re:Cute (Score 1) 634

Exactly my point. If you remain silent, if you just sign an online petition and think that alone will "mean something", then you're kidding yourself. While it is an elected official's job to represent the people who elected them, it is the citizen's responsibility to participate. They don't come to your door and ask your advice. In short, the same power (to most extents) is available to gun safety advocates as it is to the NRA. They're just actively using theirs.

Comment Re:Cute (Score 5, Interesting) 634

This is the thing people alway get wrong about the NRA, they put so little money into campaign donations and 'gifts', less than many lobbyists. What the NRA fights with is their ability to get asses in the seats. NRA members vote. They go to protests. They go to caucuses and rallies. They go pretty much anywhere they are told they need to go. And their platform is single issue; namely any kind of gun control is a take over of the constitution or a slippery slope leading there. It's easy to put into sound bites and their membership believe it fully and feel like they responsibility as citizens is to stand between the Second Amendment and armed militia in the streets coming to take their guns, They honestly believe that - not because they are stupid but because the NRA pounds it into them through every means possible. So they have a **VOTING** army at their disposal - and that is the power they use to control politicians who want to keep their jobs instead of doing them. If you want to blame the NRA for something, you need to understand this. Otherwise you're bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Comment Re:In education alone, the gains are huge. (Score 2) 117

As someone who has spent the majority of my 30 + year IT career in K12 and Higher Ed marketplace, I have to remind folks that the Internet is not a magic teaching machine. It is just another tool, like a text book or a blackboard. Without competent educators and a lesson plan that utilizes the tool effectively, the Internet is just another way to keep kids occupied. All too often I see this. There are many teachers out there truly utilizing the Internet effectively and getting outstanding results, but only because they made the lesson plan the focus and not the technology.

Comment WaterFox? (Score 1) 471

WaterFox's latest build seems to still have the granularity. For those not familiar, Waterfox is a high performance browser based on the Mozilla platform. Made specifically for 64-Bit systems. It is speedy and all your FF extensions should work. In fact, in upgrading to WF, all of my FF prefs, extensions and addons were in place and working right on first boot. https://www.waterfoxproject.or...

Submission + - Mike Hearn, cited Bitcoin expert: "Bitcoin has failed" (

kaizendojo writes: Mike Hearn, Bitcoin developer and industry cited expert on the subject does a 'pre-mortem' on the death spiral of the Bitcoin. It seems that one of the major reasons behind the failure of the Bitcoin Experiment was that nobody seems to know what's going on, something that many Slashdotters including myself, have been saying for some time now. "One of the most disturbing things that took place over the course of 2015 is that the flow of information to investors and users has dried up. In the span of only about eight months, Bitcoin has gone from being a transparent and open community to one that is dominated by rampant censorship and attacks on bitcoiners by other bitcoiners."

Hearn goes on to spell out the reasons why he "no longer feel(s) comfortable being associated with the Bitcoin community" and some off the reasons the grand experiment is doomed to failure.

A great read for fans and foes of Bitcoin alike, Hearn sheds light on the inherent risks and failures within cryptocurrency.

Comment If you REALLY want to be "for the public benefit". (Score 1) 40

Start vetting your projects better. I've funded four projects, only one of which saw the light of day. And that one was almost as bad as the Kreyos I funded at Indiegogo. Quite frankly, I'm done with crowdfunding until IGG and KS start vetting instead of letting any scammer with a post box drop and a slick video to start a campaign.

Comment Re: (intentionally blank) (Score 1) 268

>1. It flatly refuses to print at all if any of the carts are empty - a number of times I've been unable to print important black & white documents because one of the colour carts is empty and I didn't have a replacement to hand. Switch from color printing to black and white in the driver. It will print in B&W fine. I've owned many Epson printers, never had an issue doing this.

Submission + - Who's behind mysterious flights over US cities? FBI (

kaizendojo writes: The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology — all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government, The Associated Press has learned.

The planes' surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge's approval, and the FBI said the flights are used for specific, ongoing investigations. In a recent 30-day period, the agency flew above more than 30 cities in 11 states across the country, an AP review found.

Comment Re:not the real question (Score 1) 200

Can you point out your source for saying this? I haven't seen a single article that mentions anything other than live flights. He was asked by the FBI to create a simulator to test security but that isn't where he claimed he got into the seat box from the OES to avionics. If I misesd something, I like to be able to be informed. If I didn't, then it would appear that your assertion is incorrect. I'm just looking for facts, not saying you're wrong.

Comment Three words that should strike fear in your heart (Score 1) 85

Bitcoins and Wall Street. There's been enough stories about scams and losses with Bitcoin - disappearing exchanges, vaporized money. Now we're going to pair amateur scammers with professional dirtbags. No fucking thanks. (Flame all you want, but I'll save them to remind you later when I turn out to be right.)

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