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Comment Re:2001 (Score 1) 1222

My dad took us to the premiere in NYC. I forget the theater but I got the souvenir program (later thrown away by my Mom in a cleaning frenzy - I was a hoarder at a young age) and remember having to dress up in "Sunday clothes" to go see it. Definitely panorama-vision and hi end sound. I remember that clearly as it was one of the first times I ever saw a screen that wide. I think he got the tickets from one of the guys who invested in his business at the time.

I think he felt it was important for us to see it and I know it sparked my interests in science and computers which shaped my career. Apparently he was right.

Comment What is the point of these apps anyway? (Score 1) 166

Anyone well informed enough to know that a smartphone can't diagnose an illness just finds them stupid and useless, and anyone NOT well informed enough could be caused great distress.

And anyone who reads slashdot knows that the only real use for these apps are as ad or viral vectors. So why not just eliminate such apps from the market?

Comment Re:2001 (Score 1) 1222

As someone who appreciates this film as much as I do (and saw the premiere as a child like you did), you owe it to yourself to watch this incredibly long and detailed series analyzing Kubrick's masterpiece in as much detail as he did with the movie. I guarantee you will be back here to thank me. This guy did an INCREDIBLE amount of research and tackles the film in a seven part series that is just brilliant.

CinemaTyler series on the making of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey:

Comment Now here comes the complete mind fuck... (Score 1) 457

Are these things real, or are they in themselves propaganda by either the CIA or another nation state?
Conceivably, these could all be real revelations. But there's just as much chance that this is either propaganda by the CIA to appear to be more in control than they are, or by another competing nation state to make the CIA *look* like they are spying on their own citizens.
The fact is that no one but they know for sure.

Comment Are we asking the wrong questions though? (Score 1) 477

Should we be asking the moderators of the site why that kind of attitude is being fostered? Also, did the OP (if there is the ability) contact a mod regarding the overall attitude? Yes, you can ignore them - which takes as much energy because first you have to let go and remind yourself that this anonymous a--hole is someone whose opinion should mean nothing to you - but in a well run forum, this should be part of the introduction to all users (as was mentioned here) and mods should be reminding users (offline so they have an opportunity to save some face) that kind of criticism won't be tolerated. I ended up being a mod at an open source project specifically because the environment was accepting and open and I wanted to have a hand in preserving that. I've learned as much researching answers to 'noob' questions as I have from seasoned devs and I've always believed that making new users comfortable with asking questions (maybe with some guidelines on how and what info to include) leads to greater involvement and that benefits everyone.

Comment Why they care and a better alternative (Score 1) 120

It's not about giving a game to your buddy or trading a key with them for another key. It's people taking this license and then reselling it online that they are trying to stop. And I can't totally disagree with them on that. (You are entitled to your opinion, this is just mine.) But if they want a compromise, then why not just have a form online that allow you to transfer the license to your buddy? You put in the key and your serial number and the recipient's info. They transfer the license and everybody's happy.

Comment Back to the future all over again... (Score 2) 26

So I guess everybody forgot about the MS Courier concept introduced in 2009 (Video is from 2010 but Gizmodo broke the Courier story in September 2009, posting leaked pictures of what the device might look like and how it might work):
And in typical MS fashion, a project that would have beat Apple at their own game and create a new device/market was killed in it's prime because it threatened Windows.
So the question now is whether it's still novel enough and whether they will still force it to run some kind of Windows instead of the GUI that the Courier was meant to run. Knowing MS culture and history, I wouldn't play those odds.

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