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Comment Lack of support by vendors (Score 1) 438

How many vendors right now are still deploying products that don't have ipv6? how many of these companies who could provide firmware updates won't so that they can simply force hardware upgrades on users? ipv6 can be easily switched in 6months if the networking hardware companies were willing to provide free firmware updates for hardware up to 2 years old. If they did that we'd be talking about ipv6 coming in 6months instead of the current situation of non-existance.

Comment Stupid people with stupid solutions (Score 2, Insightful) 1322

I don't deny that there are crappy teachers but at the same time if the teachers aren't supported at home by the parents then all the work by the teachers is an exercise in futility. I always find it funny when I hear people here from good family backgrounds assuming that their background is universally applicable to all students out there.

With that being said the way which kids learn needs to be examined; English should be taught right up until the end of 7th form - focusing on the fundamentals, if they want to learn about poetry, creative writing and so forth, they can take double major English. Talk to any university professor and they'll tell you about the sorry state of writing by students who come to university. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals - I look at the crap that US schools teacher - what they hell have they got to do with fundamental skills?

Kids who aren't university inclined need to be told they aren't university material and they should go to a polytechnic - learn a trade, be a bricky, sparky, plumber or some other trade. Its time that parents pulled their head out of their ass and realise that their kids aren't vessels for them to fulfil their dreams which they failed to do in their own life - if their kid is not academically inclined then they should stop wasting tax payers money by continuing their education and get them learning a trade.

Comment Re:The problem is (Score 1) 591

1) Imagine a sewage processor; using your argument; you can push as much shit down the pipe as you want because all you're purchasing is a pipe and not the processing and all the back end that goes on.

2) ISP's pay for bandwidth off telecommunication companies. Even if ISPs wanted to - they're still at the mercy of some other company.

3) If you did as what you suggested - the cost of bandwidth would be $1000 per month. The structure is done on the basis that not all users will need all the bandwidth all the time - thus the cost is spread around and that is why you pay what you pay now instead of several thousand per month.

Comment Don't want to make it too pleasent (Score 1) 364

One wouldn't want to make it too pleasant or otherwise you're stuck in a situation where software is never updated the newer operating system because 'emulation is good enough'. It has to be good enough to allow it to work but not too good as to make it something one would want to do for ever.

If I was also Microsoft I'd work to make sure that all Microsoft software is fully compatible with the latest version of Windows and offer free upgrades to enterprise customers for applications that Microsoft makes and the other vendors fail to provide updates for their own applications.

Nothing will make a company put money into putting out free updates more than Microsoft offering to replace incompatible products with Microsoft equivilants.

Comment Re:The problem is (Score 1) 591

Unfortunately for a good many people they can't see to work out how moving packets from one 'end of the pipe' to the other will cost money. They ignore all the staff behind the scenes, the cost of the equipment involved, the regular upgrading of the equipment to assure a decent level of service, the replacement and the cost of the initial set up (and thus the need to make a profit to not only pay it back but to also justify the investment in the first place).

Comment The problem is (Score 1) 591

They have a cap system but they don't charge for extra data. In the case of my plan, I pay $80 per month for 20gb but if I go over it I start paying $3 per gig. So it isn't as though I lose my connection - I just have to pay more.

Btw, I remember years ago with unlimited internet on dial up and the net result was exchanges would get clogged and the phone number to dial up the ISP would be constantly engaged. It is the same situation now; as soon as you have unlimited people abuse it. For me, have a tiered system with a price for extra traffic.

Those who use bugger all will only pay for what they want, those who want large amounts pay for it, and those who want a free ride find out quickly they can't get a free ride.

Comment Re:Bias goes both ways. (Score 1) 420

No, the original question was:

                                            Please show me one case where a student has been stopped from "silently ask[ing] grace for their school lunches" without being overturned.

You have failed to step up and provide the evidence.

To quote the wise philosopher Dick Cheney - "Go Fuck Yourself"

Comment What about GLBT students (Score 1) 420

Internet at school is used for more than just class work - even when I was at college we had a some time each week we could do as we wanted on the net (with reason of course!) Many students use the internet connection to sign up for GLBT support sites because their parents are so pathetically out of touch with their kids and the kids cannot speak to their parents about the fact that they could be either Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender.

Maybe once parents get their act together - kids will be able to speak to their parents about issues they are facing rather than having to resort to making contact to other kids their age half way around the globe.

Comment But always enough money for private jets! (Score 1) 455

Its always funny when I hear businesses cry poverty but they always have enough money to pay excessive bonus's, private jets, first class travel and expensive functions.

Its humorous when I see these same people talk about the need to tighten the belt but quite happy to waste money on something that ads NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to the bottom line of the company. So instead of upgrading the hardware during a recession - the best time to upgrade equipment as it allows YOU to have leverage over large vendors: management has decided to line its own pockets.


Comment Agreed (Score 1) 294

How about a small car; If Telsa could make a car the size of the smart cars out there and get 300km off a single charge - I would be a very happy man. The most I travel is around 30km to work so its almost a whole weeks worth of electricity - and if I wanted to be a cheap bastard, I could top it up at work for free lol :P

Comment Enterprise and 'Extreme' (Score 2, Informative) 292

The only real difference between the two in the SSD world is the 'enterprise' and 'extreme' tend to be SLC rather than MLC. It'll be a matter of time before the performance difference between the two will be so minor that it'll be difficult to justify the higher price tag for performance alone.

Comment America turning to shit (Score 0, Flamebait) 242

With America turning to shit - you'd think that American citizens would dive at this opportunity:

"has even started a program to have IBM workers transfer to other countries at local wages."

The only downside, those of us living outside the US would have to put up with MORE americans and their whiny naisly voice.

Comment People listen to this speculation (Score 1) 199

Come on guys, these are the same people who were smart asses thinking they could make massive returns with zero risk all because they thought they could model investments and economics around mathematical equations - ignoring the fact that economies are made up of people who are a mixture of rational and irrational motivations.

So please inform me, why should anyone listen to these boy wonders on this matter? I might as well ask my grandma on her views regarding the possibility of Oracle buying out Red Hat.

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