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Comment Star Trek covered this (Score 5, Insightful) 914

While reading this article, I find it hard to believe that "Roache says when she began researching this topic, she was thinking a lot about Daniel Pelka". Not to insult the inspiration, but it seems like a lot of other sci-fi related shows have already covered this. The one that is on the top of my mind is "Star Trek: Deep Space 9" ("Hard Time", Season 2, Episode 25) where Miles O'Brien's mind has been altered to create memories of being incarcerated for 20 years on an alien world on charges of espionage and sedition.

Isn't this basically the same thing (except, you know, for actual criminals)?


Comment Re:Design patterns (Score 1) 396

I have to agree. I am a self taught php programmer for almost 10 years. When I went in for a programming job interview, the employer (who was a programmer turned middle-management) asked me about OOP structures and algorithyms. I really didnt know what to say because I wanted to show off my experiance, but I was a little embarrassed about my lack-of-textbook-knowledge. Self taught programmers all have unique skills and experiences, but I think the thing that all of them lack (including me) is formal and enterprise-level programming structures (for example, programming for others instead of programming for yourself). The self taught programmers may not have the prettiest code, but "gosh darn it, it works" (most of the time). I am all for learning code practices and structures through a classroom environment, but only IF the teachers are teaching CURRENT languages and practices in a way that the novice programmers can "invent" their own methods, then learn to apply what they already know to a solidified structure. Its just like learning a new language (like Japanese). If you're not emersed in it, or just study the book examples, you're not really learning. Its only when you can discover what you're doing and learn where and how to apply it instead of just following the examples that you can truly understand and apply what you know to future situations.

Comment Good Reference (Score 1) 1146

This really isn't targeted towards geeks, but it may help you (and her) in the planning. Think of it as "The Knot" for Guys. Trust me: it's working looking in to. My wedding is planned for 2012, and this has gotten me way ahead of the game. Here's a sample article talking about the reception venue:

Comment Re:How much is your time worth (Score 1) 837

amen to that. when finding a "perfect length" cable for certain jobs seems impossible (and after spending so much on shorter lengths and cable extenders), it's much more cheaper to buy your own spools and crimp them yourselves. I've made my own cables for years and I've only had 1 fail in 6 years (which I quickly fixed with the same process I used to make it - it's not that easy to fix a professional cable unless you buy a new one).
Social Networks

Facebook Scrambles To Contain ToS Fallout 409

Ian Lamont writes "Anger over Facebook's ToS update has forced the company to scramble. Yesterday, a spokesman released a statement that said Facebook has never 'claimed ownership of material that users upload,' and is trying to be more open to users about how their data is being handled. Mark Zuckerberg has also weighed in, stating 'we wouldn't share your information in a way you wouldn't want.' Facebook members are skeptical, however — protests have sprung up on blogs, message boards, and a new Facebook group called 'People Against the new Terms of Service' that has added more than 10,000 members today."

Comment Re:Indefenseble... (Score 1) 601

I agree. You can look at a webpage and you can look at the source. Only if you know how to "decode" the HTML/CSS/whatever code and get to the content, it shouldn't matter. it's the exact same thing as looking at the page. That's like recording a show on a DVR, then writing down what the News program says. As long as you give credit, it shouldn't matter! As a web developer, I know that some people can "disguise" the code by loading from remote JS files. However, you can just look on a page and copy the info. Ctrl+A + Ctrl+C, open up Notepad, Ctrl+V. Done. Are you going to sue me for that?

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