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Comment Corporate Greed (Score 1) 832

Between I3, I5, I7, this speed, that speed, this feature, extreme edition, don't they already have enough ways to make money? This just sounds like corporate greed to the finest extent. People buy what computer they want, and they get what they pay for when they buy it. Not even joe User is going to pay $50 after the fact, when that same $50 at the time of purchase could have likely made the difference between .5GHz faster, or even between I3 & I5. This will blow up in their faces.

Comment Re:Tax Microsoft operating systems (Score 1) 577

I agree to this. I have never gotten a virus in the last 7 years, because my software is more secure, and I know how to use it and configure a machine. Why should I pay a tax for the idiots that cant do the same? A levy for known problem software would work better, while not burdening people that don't have the problem. You buy shit software, you pay extra to keep it clean.

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