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Comment Re:Meh? (Score 1) 229

Actually, Dell is horribly inconsistent. Sometimes the Ubuntu version is about $50 cheaper than the Windows one, sometimes it's been around $60 I think.

I've never seen them charge more for Ubuntu than Windows, but on *some* models they charge less.

I think it may mostly be on netbooks.

Though, Dell also charges different amounts of money for the same configuration, depending on which "customize it" link you clicked on.

Comment Re:Do you know who is paying for this? (Score 1) 658

I'm assuming the entire $800 billion would not be paid out in a single year for one, so that kills your $40k in a year.

Also, from your numbers, the top 1% pay about 40% of the taxes, and the top 5% pay about 60%, so people who make less than $153k a year would only have to pay about $12.5k, if the entire $800 billion were paid in a year.

I'm also fairly sure that the tax bracket for $109k isn't 40% of income, so no matter how much money were allocated to any government project, unless the tax rates went up to 40% a family making $109 would not have to pay out 40k in a single year.

Once again, lies, damn lies, and statistics.

Comment Re:I'm against the state marrying anyone (Score 1) 1475

If they must be equal, why call them something different?

You call them something different, because you feel like discriminating against one group, over the other, and while you will give them similar rights, you refuse to fully acknowledge that their relationship is on equal footing with "real" marriage.

Or do you think "I'm married," "Oh, are you really married, or is it just a civil union" would never happen?

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