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Comment Re:VR Demands Specialized Input Devices (Score 1) 124

That is sort of the whole point of the Valve VR lighthouse system. You walk around a physical space and the position of your head matches one to one with the virtual world. The controllers are your hands. It isn't a huge step from that to lighthouse capable gloves/bodysuites etc. Or you can always combine it with something like the Omni Virtuix if you prefer not to wait for that.

Comment Re:There's still lots of improvement opportunity (Score 1) 100

It's not just brick walls you need to worry about but cricket balls as well.... I highly doubt it exists but I leave open the option to being proven wrong that there is an identifiable bit of my dna that codes for "won't be able to duck in time in 7th grade and ends up with a crooked nose".

Comment Re:Not sure I get it. (Score 1) 290

As far as I understand it, a hypersonics trajectory is much easier to follow than an ICBM. Look at it this way, hypothetically imagine the USA wanted to launch a strike on Iran or North Korea. It launches 100 hypersonic missiles, they more more or less in a straight line since changing course they lose a lot of speed. Both Russia and China are able to easily able to see they are flying at installations in the respective targets. Compare this to an ICBM, it launches up, floats around the world mostly cold and then comes down with 144 warheads from each one. You don't want to wait to see where they are striking since if you did need to retaliate the strike could greatly cripple you. The only reason MAD works is that everyone know that attacking each other would be suicide, so ICBM's launch here, they launch there, pass each other before completely destroying both (or more) nations.

Comment Re: The point? (Score 2) 57

I think you are correct.

I read a thread on reddit where people were playing it on the rift and basically the entire UI, computer terminals etc were unusable. Also those cinematic bits where the game moves your vision around is really disorientating within the rift. Add to that a couple of bugs that require the unit to be recalibrated a couple of time an hour and you have enough reasons to axe it.

Rift support was probably one of those "nice to have" things but meant more work so it was simpler just to drop support.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 315

You know fusion is easy? The youngest person to build a working fusor was 13. Here is a DIY you can build at home as long as you are happy with working with high voltage.

The big problem with fusion is making it produce more energy than you put in, and most of the science points to it just having to be done on a bigger scale than we have done so so far. Of course building big has it's own issues and considering the paperwork issues just to get ITER started shows the problem many governments have working together on a project of that scale.

Submission + - SPAM: Eye Makeup

taip writes: This is absolutely a structure look that can go from delicate daylight to fun social gathering look simply. Have you forever tried to pull cat eyes all by manually in the time alone of your restroom and unsuccessful unhappily? A cat eyes research gone mistaken regularly leaves you looking like you got easy target punched in the eye and then you vowed to never do it once more. But possibly you’re not all that impossible when it comes to applying makeup. A little help, some framework guidelines and a tried and tested technique is all you need to create the perfect cat eyes makeup look.
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Comment Way to many, lets see (Score 1) 260

4 computers

1 laptop

2 consoles

3 phones

3 tablets

1 voip desk phone

1 nvidia shield

3 handheld consoles

so 18 and that isn't counting the arduinos kits, ouya that died or the two laptops I'm fixing for a friend. When a few people come over that generally bumps up the phone, tablet, handheld and sometimes even laptop count :P

Comment Re:Devices (Score 1) 151

I'm on my third natural keyboard, I've been using them exclusively since my first system in 1997. (I'm not counting the ones I forced work to buy so I can use them there as well BWAHAHA) and the previous two both had to be replaced due to user error.

The first the number pad stopped working after a mate spilt a glass of lemon and vodka into it and didn't tell me and when i pulled it apart to clean it since the keys where sticky, the trace came off attached to the spacer.

The second died when I spilled diet coke in it, but I did the right thing, took it apart, washed it with distilled water, then dried it with a hair dryer melting the keys >. Had the current one for a number of years, I would replace it if I could find a natural keyboard with mechanical keys but I am yet to find one. (If you know of one with the same form factor that has mechanical keys I will give you internet hugs, but a comfort curve isn't enough sorry.)

Comment Re:Autoimmune disorder... (Score 1) 350

Because when I move house/change providers I don't get to keep my IP unless it is from a block and then I move the entire block. Phone numbers are portable (at least within the same SZU (Standard Zone Unit) in Australia) and you can port between providers, or even preselect calls to connect to multiple providers for different calls. I could send some calls out my primary provider and some out Joe's isp, and still want my caller id to be ok. When it comes to voip calls there are rules in place about updating ACMA caller id lists but there is are huge hurdles to do it, and the little guys generally don't or if they do, simply mark it as a non geographic location and never update after that. But the biggest issue is that there isn't a direct Customer -> Call terminator link. There may only be 2 national terminators that then have interconnects with smaller players who in turn resell to a number of others and you Joe's shack ties onto the bottom somewhere. All of the players tell the guy below them that caller id is their responsibility, so they don't check what the clid is when you send it, since they don't know what numbers you are responsible for. We have a VOIP provider that pretty much told us as long as we only send numbers we own there isn't a problem.... the day we realised it was amusing taking two mobile numbers of our staff, spoofing two calls between their mobiles and joining them while listening in at the same time. "Hi Steve how are you going?" "Not bad? You" "Yeah just out at dinner, what's up?" "Um yeah about to go to the movies, how can I help?" "Er you called me didn't you? Did you pocket dial me?" "No you called me, I saw your incoming number" etc etc...... Call back again 5 minutes later with a third mobile number incoming to both of them, then again with people they are with... rinse repeat while they try and work out what is going on.

Submission + - SPAM: Corliss Review Group: This is what the new reversible USB 3.1 cable looks like

Hosaiffdein writes: In December last year the technology consortium responsible for the USB standard announced that the next generation of connectors would be entirely reversible – now the first picture of the new plug has appeared online.

As expected, the new design looks pretty much identical to Apple’s Lightning connector — a proprietary standard which is also reversible and appears on the latest iPhones and iPads.

The new USB 3.1 Type-C is similar in size to the current Micro USB design used to charge most small gadgets and will break computability with current ports.

The designs are not expected to be finalized until July and it will take many months more before manufacturers start to introduce the new Type-C to their products.

This latest update to the most widely accepted connector in the tech world will offer increased bandwidths of up to 10Gbps but for most of the clearest advantage will never having to fiddle with getting our USB plugs the right way round.

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Submission + - The FBI Gamified the Hunt For One of Its Most Wanted (

Daniel_Stuckey writes: The FBI just gamified its latest manhunt. As I was just scanning the bureau's many twitter feeds, I saw a couple of fresh tweets reporting that William Bradford Bishop, Jr. had just been added to the bureau's most wanted list.

When I clicked on the tweet that offered a photo gallery of Bishop, the 'Family Annihilator,' some studio-lit photos of this gallery-quality clay bust were far beyond the everyday mug shots I'd expected.

"Am I'm picking out which glasses my character in GTA will wear?" I thought as I looked at artist Karen Taylor's masterful 3D rendering of Bishop. Bishop is a man who has been a fugitive for almost 40 years (he's 77 now, and Taylor age-processed him to look that old) after allegedly killing his mother, his wife, and their three sons in Bethesda, Md. Bishop, a former Foreign Service officer for the State Department, is described by the FBI as "highly intelligent," and investigators on his case believe he could be hiding in plain sight.

Comment Re:best pepper? (Score 1) 285

The local burger place has a "Red face runny nose II" challenge burger that if you can complete in 20 minutes it is free. The guy puts in 2 bhuts in the patties but to make the sauce he uses pure capsaicin in a 1:4 dilution.

As someone who has taken the challenge and lost (finished but took me 40 minutes instead) it can be described as a once in the life time experience, and I mean that in a good way. At that level you no longer feel chilli heat. Your mouth and tongue tell you that it is temperature heat and that you are hurting yourself. You blow on it, you try and cool it down only to check it with the back of your hand to realise that it is pretty cold after 10 minutes. However I have never tasted a more flavoursome burger, I could taste all the spices, all the different flavours, I could taste the sweetness of the bhuts but I couldn't tasty any chilli heat.

Cons however were that my face did go numb and my hands shook, and pretty much the next two days I lived on the toilet.

How bad was it? It burnt to pee

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