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Comment Apple is the actual root of this issue (Score 1) 352

The actual complaint is against these publishers AND apple who initially set the contract with the publishers to say that in order to publish on iBooks they could not sell the same eBook for less anywhere else. See http://www.npr.org/2011/08/11/139517569/lawsuit-apple-publishers-colluded-on-e-book-prices. Seems to me Apple is who is the biggest part of the issue here.

Submission + - Legal Justification for Offsite Backups?

k00laid writes: "I work for a small business who has historically taken our daily tapes to paid off site storage location. The company now wants a legal justification to continue paying for the cost of off site storage (access to the storage location, additional tapes, etc.) and some serious Google time on the subject has yet to yield any results that go past it falling under the category of best practices for companies that don't fall under the purview of SOX. Anybody have any ideas?"

Comment Dreamweaver & Photoshop/GIMP (Score 1) 377

I've been doing essentially the same for years, and early on Macromedia's Dreamweaver was my savior, but I'm migrated away as my skills have got a little better and I rely on CSS more and more. That said if your new to layout and coding it's the only way to go. Further if you are going to get serious you need to get into something like Photoshop (not free), GIMP (OSS), or to a lesser extent but much simpler Paint.NET (free). Otherwise man, find you a Graphics guy and have him do the layout for you. Geeks aren't supposed to be able do everything, no matter what management thinks.

Submission + - The Little Red Book and the Blue Screen of Death (blogspot.com)

Rapide writes: "The Central Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party has been cranking out product in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army. There are twin themes of the campaign. The first is to play up the growing strength of the Chinese armed forces. The second theme — which is needed to massage the first — is to assert that the awakened dragon doesn't threaten regional stability. http://swedemeat.blogspot.com/2007/08/little-red-b ook-and-blue-screen-of.html"

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