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Comment Not a bug (Score 1) 368

This isn't a bug. Don't call it a bug. It's a specific way of operation.

The results in these program differ from what a *single* person expects - and this person is not a computer graphics person. On the other hand, the results are exactly what many computer graphics people expect.

The operating domain of these scaling algorithms is a computer image. It has nothing to do with "real" things, and nothing to do with the mistaken imagination of the author of TFA.

Comment Shutting down a last bastion ISP (Score 1) 224

... because "pornography featuring violence, bestiality, and incest" is very illegal, right?

ISPs that don't do the mandatory spying on citizens, storing of logs, keeping tabs on the copyright-protection evading, crippleware-breaking terrorists, they have to be eliminated! For the sake of our civilization and of our children.

Comment Troll -1 (Score 5, Insightful) 1365

The TFA is a worthless troll, even more so than usual in these "Linux is not ready for the desktop" Slashdot articles.

It has the usual list of ignorant complaints (oh no, there is a choice of distributions, boo hoo! oh no, there is a choice of GUI toolkits, boo hoo!), but some points stand out in their sheer stupidity.

"Bad security model: there's zero protection against keyboard keyloggers and against running malicious software (Linux is viruses free only due to its extremely low popularity). sudo is very easy to circumvent (social engineering). sudo still requires CLI (see clause 4.)"


Who admits these articles to the front page anyway?

Comment The applications are broken, not the FS (Score 1) 421

So as expected, there is a veritable army of people demanding the old behavior restored; also, most probably a lot of them will "downgrade" or stay with using EXT3.

Of course, the things at fault are really the buggy applications. But even deeper than that, the *paradigm* of having a lot of generated files (that store important user data) that are rewritten unconditionally at each program startup is wrong. What the hell is up with that?

Can't they come up with a method where you rewrite a file only when absolutely necessary? Why must all icon locations, thumbnails and other such GUI desktop bullshit be written and rewritten zillions of times?

Not to mention that EXT3 is just one file system out of many, and arguably not even a very good one. It's rather weird that it was chosen as a default option for so many "popular" distributions (maybe out of some misguided desire to be backwards compatible?). If your application (or again, *paradigm*) works well on only one file system, then it's most probably not the file system's fault.


Submission + - Internet Radio Saving Bill

k-zed writes: "A bill has been introduced that will save independent internet radio by setting royalties at the same level paid by satellite radio services, a reasonable amount (7.5% of gross revenues) which will benefit the artists as well as not bankrupt net radio stations. Call your Representative right now and ask to cosponsor the "Internet Radio Equality Act", just introduced by Representative Jay Inslee. This bill will set royalty rates that internet radio pays to the same reasonable level that satellite radio pays."

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