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Comment Sounds like driverless cars are a win all around. (Score 1) 626

Americans already pay for Police, Firemen, the Government and a whole lot more with their taxes. All this means is that Americans will have 6.2 Billion dollars back in their pockets where it belongs. The really huge bonus is one that this article doesn't even touch on. Police will now be able to stop wasting time and money trying to control traffic and can start doing their real job, fighting crime. There will be enough officers to finally go after every petty thief, criminal and crook. "I am sorry your cellphone with all your personal information was stolen sir, I will have an officer track it down immediately and punish the criminal" will be more then words in every theft victims fantasy world. Our courts, now free of the burden of countless traffic court hearings could start processing violent criminals in a timely and efficient manner. Give me my self driving, electric car with solar panel accessory for free charging and I'll be a happy man. Especially because after the sales tax and licencing the government has no reason to try to stick it's hands in my pockets anymore.

Comment Re:next 50 to 100 years? (Score 1) 453

That is where you are wrong, there is no cushion. If and when this happens we will have some serious socio-economic dilemmas we will need to address. Lets assume there is an Alien group that wishes to contact us, you need to put in to perspective just how advanced they would need to be. To travel space effectively there are three things they need. A way to travel to a location in a reasonable amount of time, a way to communicate and a life support system. Traditional space travel as we know it is relatively useless in the big scheme of things. The Aliens would need to have developed a way to move across the universe in short periods of time ie. wormhole technology. To do this you would need to bend space time so that two points that don't normally touch, touch. Then you could pass through. It would look like you traveled faster then light but in reality you just shortened the distance for yourself. The same is true with communication. You need a way to communicate with other ships as well as home. Light just doesn't travel fast enough to be effective. Personally I think that quantum entanglement will one day show that you can communicate FTL, even though we have shown that information is not passed through entanglement. I think that the physics that allows quantum entanglement will show some sort of tunneling/wormhole exists. It would look like FTL measuring through traditional physics, but really be very slow measured though a tunnel/wormhole. Life support is obvious but if you are able to travel across the universe in the blink of an eye, it becomes less of a burden. If such a group were to contact us we would have all sorts of questions answered but we would also have huge amounts of fear, which is pretty natural. Just look at any movie with aliens to see our underlying fears. They would have fears as well. Once you develop the technology I outlined, you would then realize that the universe is abundant with material and space, traditional supply and demand would change as supply moves to infinite. A culture that is space-faring would have a very different value system then what we have here. I love thinking about this stuff because its just our imaginations tempered with the future we see with our current technology. The reality is that we may be one of the most advanced life forms in the universe and just don't want to be alone.

Comment We have guns, radio, jackets........ (Score 1) 664

and maybe back up if we call enough friends and neighbors. We also have something expectation that the law will be carried out by the people hired to do so. Andrew Smith should be embarrassed that civilians have to do his and his coworkers jobs for them. If they can't do their job then maybe it's time they found someone who can.

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