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Submission + - EOMA68 Earth-friendly Modular computing campaign hits $50k ( 9

lkcl writes: The EOMA68 Crowd-funding campaign launched last month and has just reached $50,000 and so far has 541 backers with 28 days still to go. EOMA68 and its creator have featured regularly on slashdot over the past five years: a live-streamed video from Hope2016 explains what it's about, and there is a huge range of discussions and articles online. The real burning question is: if a single Software Libre Engineer can teach themselves PCB design and bring modular computing to people on the budget available from a single company, why are there not already a huge number of companies doing modular upgradeable hardware?

Submission + - Announcing Stallman's Law (

An anonymous reader writes: First there was Moore's Law. Now there's Stallman's Law.

Comment Re:And? (Score 2) 134

And even then, every tweak made by a motherboard manufacturer has to be taken account of. It's like saying the AMD "supports" running Linux on it. Course it does, but it doesn't mean that the computer can actually run Linux usefully (Argh! Flashback to the days when a lot machines *couldn't* get basic support under Linux working without patching an tweaking).

It is much easier when you have support from the manufacturer. Previously, AMD would provide preriodic code drops and makes their engineers available. Now, one of their more recent contributions provided the same code that BIOS manufacturers get.

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - OpenSPARC Gone? (

jxself writes: The website has been down for a few days. Is the project gone? I was wondering if anyone from the Slashdot community had heard anything?

Linus Torvalds For Nobel Peace Prize? 541

An anonymous reader writes "I'm as much of a Linux fanboy as anyone else, but I've never thought of anything in computing as being worth a Nobel Peace Prize. Apparently, there are those who take global collaboration seriously, though..." The suggestion has been bouncing around the Portland Linux community, where Torvalds lives. Is it worthy of wider attention and discussion?

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